Capt Robert Morrison MC


1894 Oct 22. Born Bridgend, Glamorgan (he gave this both to RIC in 1920 and to Aus Army in 1940). There is a GRO entry for a Robert Morrison in Bridgend as well

1901 census in Edinburgh

1911 census in Lothian St, Edinburgh. His father is a Cable Car Driver

1913 Jul 3. Enlisted in Scots Guards.

1914 Apr 2. Promoted L/Cpl

1914 Aug 5. Promoted Cpl

1914 Dec 9 Promoted L/Sgt

1915 Jun Posted 2nd Guards Brigade, Trench Mortar Battery

1915 Jun 26. Promoted Sgt

1915 Oct 5 Posted to France

1916 Jun 16. Married Elsie Ada Victoria Longhurst (she was born 1897) in Lamberth

1917 Jan 9.The undermentioned Wt. and N.C.Os. to be 2nd Lts. for service in the Field. R. Scots.—Serjt. Robert Morrison, from S. Gds.

1917 Jul 26. 2nd Lt. Robert Morrison, R. Scots. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. Becoming separated from his platoon, he took charge of a company of another unit, and successfully captured the enemy position after two assaults. He then finally joined his own battalion.

1918 Jul 9. The undermentioned 2nd Lt. to be Lts. : — R. Scots—R. Morrison, M.C.

1918 Oct/Dec A daughter Irene Elsie Morrison born

1919 Apr 30. R. Scots. 5/6th Bn.— Lt. R. Morrison,M.C. (R. Scots), to be actg. Capt. while comdg. a Co

1919 Nov 15. Lt. R. Morrison, -M.C. (R. Scots), relinquishes the actg. rank of Capt. on ceasing to comd. a Co.

1920 Nov. a son Robert born in Lambeth, London

1921 Mar 8. Joined ADRIC with service no 1811. Posted to C Coy

1921 Apr 2. Posted to Q Coy

1922 Jan 14. Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

He is believed to have gone to Northern Ireland in 1920s with wife Elsie,and their two children (Robert and Irene) Apparently whilst there he conducted a relationship with another woman with whom he had a son Robert Justin or Juster.  At some point in the mid 20's, he and the woman and child left and ended up in Fremantle, Western Australia.

He abandoned his wife and family. The daughtter was killed in an accident in 1937 for which Elsie had a compensation and took in lodgers to supplement her income.  Her estranged husband , at some point in the 40's, came across the story in an English newspaper, contacted Scotland Yard, claimed this person was his missing wife who had been presumed killed in bombings of London. He was given her address and started to write loving letters to her trying to persuade her to come to Fremantle.

1927 Apr 23 . Robert Morrison Departs Liverpool for Albany Australia, of Dock St Belfast, ex-army officer. 3rd class. No family with him

1929 Robert Justin Morrison born to second wife if the newspaper articles are the right man. That named Justin in press is at Windsor St, which is where Juster is living in various electoral rolls. I would conclude that they are the same person

1930 Electoral Register Elsie is living at 68 South Cottages, Brixton with her father Edwin Longhurst

1932 Electoral Register Elsie is living at 68 South Cottages, Brixton with her father Edwin Longhurst

1937 May 6. His daughter Irene died. I cannot get a news report of the accident not the compensation. Elsie is at York Grove, Peckham, where she is still living when she goes to Australia in 1948

1940 Jun 17, Enlisted in Australian Army at Perth, WA. Wife Elsie. He was a Lt. Lived at Highgate. WA

His son Robert Junior served in South Africa, India and Burma in the war, was missing for a year in Burma apparently.  On his return to the UK he knew he wanted to move to a warmer climate. He married Joyce Moreen Wood, applied to migrate to South Africa, refused as they had their full quota of migrants at the time. So Elsie , Robert Junior and his new wife left for Western Australia, and were on the second ship of migrants after the war - P & O Orontes.

1948 Dec 30 Elsie, her son Robert and his new wife, depart for Freemantle. On landing they give 3 Gill St , Freemantle as their address {and indeed the electoral roll gives her at Gill St}. Robert senior met the ship at Fremantle, had found an apartment for his son & wife, and a cottage for he and Elsie in North Fremantle.  After a while he found out Elsie wasn't the wealthy woman he thought she was, and, abandoned her again. Elsie had been diagnosed with breast cancer pre leaving the UK and had had a mastectomy, but the cancer had already spread by the time Robert senior left her the second time.  She passed away in 1954, buried at Karrakatta Cemetery in Perth.


1965 Robert Senior Died Perth, WA aged 70

Back in the 80's I returned to Perth when my father became very ill.  I used to help out at a cab company and one Christmas had a call from a regular company client, wanting a cab for herself, asked her name, surname was Morrison, said that was a good old Scots name, she said her father in law was Scots, and basically over the ensuing 10 minutes, I realised she was the wife of Robert Justin. We exchanged details, and I gave the information to my mother to hold on to, as I had promised my father I wouldn't do any family searches untl he had passed.  Unfortunately, my mother lost the information, I returned to the UK in 86 and Dad (Robert junior) passed in 89.



This appears to indicate that his second "wife" was Kathleen Marie Gertrude Morrison

1931 Electoral Register Kathleen Marie Gertrude Morrison alone at 100 Edward St

1936 At Kathleen Marie Gertrude Morrison with Robert, an insurance agent, at 55 Whitnoome St

1943 Robert living at 28 Windsor St , Perth with Kathleen Marie Gertrude Morrison

1949 Robert living at 28 Windsor St , Perth with Kathleen Marie Gertrude Morrison

1949 Electoral Register gives Else living at Gill St with Robert, an inspector .

1949 Register Joyce Moreen & Robert junior, a metal polisher, are living at High St, Freemantle

1954 Electoral Register Elsie is at Turon St, Morley Park, Western Australia Australia with Robert, a metal polisher and Joyce Moreen Morrison

1954 Robert is at 28 Windsor St, Perth with Kathleen Marie Gertrude Morrison

1958 Electoral Roll Robert Morrison and Robert Juster Morrison are both at 28 Windsor St, Perth. Robert is a Public Servant and Robert Juster a Mechanic

1960 Robert Juster Morrison married Margaret Edna Drury in W Aus