Lt George William Nelson, Yorks

This man has the correct regiment. The address will not tie to 1911 census. He is GW in the Alphabetic Register (RW in Numeric and Yorks Regt). I cannot find him in RIC Register

He applies for his medals in 1938 from MIC address, but in 1939 register there is no sign of him there - a George Lea b1884, a colliery fireman, lived there.

1892 Born (from his press statement)

1914 Sep 22 Commissioned 2nd Lt

1914 Oct 19. Second Reserve. York. R. Temp . Lt. G. W. Nelson , from W. York. R. , to be temp. Lt . 12 May 1916 , but with seniority from 19 Oct. 1914 .

1917 Jan 21. York. R. Temp. Lt. G. W. Nelson (attd.) relinquishes his commission on account of illness

1920 Oct 20. Joined ADRIC with service no 805. Posted to A Coy

1920 Dec 18. Permitted to resign.

1922 Aug 12 First reports of an attack

1922 Aug 15. A news report of an alleged IRA attack. This man is only Nelson in ADRIC. Another report refers to him as "Guy Nelson" but I cannot get any more on him

He then made another statement to the Press

Oddly there is a " Guy Nelson Stockdale " who had MC and West Yorks Regt and born 1890. But he died in 1918