Capt Maurice Geoffrey O'Connell

He is M G O'Connell b1886 in the AVC (SR). He appears to be a descendent of O'Connell the Liberator according to Web Tress and had an address in Salcome Devon

1886 Dec 4 Born Mallow, Cork (RIC)


1914 Aug 5. Commissioned Lt in A Vet Corps

1921 Jun 6. Accepted in Ireland. Joined ADRIC with service no 2027. Posted to I Coy

1921 Jul 15 Posted back to Depot

1921 Jul 18. "Discharged the force" ref made to a letter from Chief of Police no 4 /139/a


1939 Register at 139 Prospect House Fore Street , Kingsbridge U.D., Devon and is a Vet

1948 Aug 4. Drug charge

1956 Feb 17 Died in England (buried Kerry). The grave records Maurice Geoffrey was a brother of Capt. Charles O'Connell and of Daniel M.J. O'Connell.They were 3 sons of DANIEL CHARLES O'Connell all buried in The O'Connell Tomb