Frank Walter Osman


1897 Sep 10. Born Brentford Middlesex (RAF has correct date, Canadians have same but in 1896)

1901 census at Eastbourne

1911 census at 11 South St Eastbourne

1912 Sep 25. Leaves UK for Canada with his mother and 3 sisters. They travel 2nd class. He is a "labourer"

1912 to 1914 He was a student at Upper Park Dale College, Toronto

1915 May 26. Enlists in Canadian Exp Force

1917 Nov 23. RFC General List . The undermentioned Cadets to be temp. 2nd Lts. (on prob.)

RAF Record

1919 May 22. Promoted Lt.

1920 Feb 3. Transferred to unemployed list - Lt F W Osman

1920 Mar 23 Arrives in UK from Canada

1920 Dec 29. Joined ADRIC with service no. 1360. Posted to M Coy

1921 Apr 23. Promoted Section Leader. An earlier reference to being appointed section leader on 20 Jan 1921 is crossed out

1921 Jun 19. Thomas Kelleher was killed, and D Wainwright gave evidence at the inquiry.

At about 01: 00 hours on June 19th 1921, a cycle patrol under my command was operating in the village of Drumlish, Co. Longford. Section Leader F.W. Osman and Temporary Cadet C.G. Hughes were about 200 yards down the road in order to rouse the occupants of a shop to get a spare part for a bicycle. I heard firing coming from that direction. I went to the scene and found them engaging two men; one of them vanished over a wall and the other lay groaning on the ground. The latter died almost immediately. He was wearing a Sam Browne belt and revolver holster and had in his pocket an egg bomb and a dispatch addressed to the “Police Officer, Longford Brigade”. I subsequently removed the body to the military mortuary at Longford, where it is now lying. I saw a wound in his shoulder, one in his left leg and one over his heart

1922 Jan 19. Discharged on Demobilisation of ADRIC

1925 May 1. Arrives in Canada from UK. He is joining his mother in Toronto. He appears to be married, but the whereabouts of his wife is "not known". He is a salesman

1929 Aug 24 Arrives Canada from UK. His address is the same 34 Spencer Av, Toronto. He is a Merchant