Arthur Ernest Owins. M.C . QSA

The MIC has him incorrectly as "Arthur C" rather than the correct "Arthur E".

I think the presentation photo is him getting the certificate

1881 Dec 16. Born Stourbridge Arthur Ernest Owins

1891 census at South Claines, Worcs

1900 Oct 24 Enlisted . He was a "Tinman"

1911 census there Arthur Ernest Owins at 1 Little Southfield St Worcester with his brother Albert Percy. He is a sergeant in Worcs. Regt

1912 Jan 8. Married in Worcester to Ellen Oldershaw (she died in Worcester Oct/Dec 1918)

1914 Jan 5. Promoted Col Sgt

1914 Sep 26 Appointed CSM

1916 Aug 16 Landed in France

1916 Dec 16. Commissioned - CSM Arthur Owins, Worcs Regt.

1917 Feb 25. Worc. R. The undermentioned to be temp. Capts: 2nd Lt. (actg. Capt.) A. E. Owins (Worc.Regt.).

1917 Sep 20. 10th Worcs War Diary. For their gallant leadership in that attack Captain A. E. Owins and 2/Lieut. J. Clarke were awarded the M.C. and Sergts. E. J. Calder and A. Barber were awarded the D.C.M. :The attack was to be delivered by three companies in line, the fourth company being held back in reserve. Each company would attack in four waves, a platoon in each wave. The two leading waves would take the first line of the German defences on the high ground. Then the two waves in rear would pass through, and would carry the attack down to the foot of the slope. THE BATTLE OF THE MENIN ROAD. At dawn on September 20th the gun-fire all along the front rose to intensity, and the British battalions advanced to the attack. Apparently the enemy had not expected the attack to be prolonged so far southward as the front of the 19th Division, and the German resistance, though stubborn, was not well supported. The attack was completely successful. The German front-line defences were overrun without difficulty; then after a pause, to allow the artillery to lengthen their range, the platoons in rear passed through and pushed down the slope. Seme venomous machine-guns in Wood Farm caused many casualties before the ruins of that building were finally stormed, and from the right flank German machine-guns in Hollebeke Chateau swept the slopes. Immediately to the left the 8th Gloucestershire had a stiff fight in Belgian Wood, but by 9 a.m. all resistance was over, and the 10th Worcestershire were busily at work entrenching the captured ground

1918 Mar 9. 2nd Lt A Owins M.C. is granted the acting rank of Capt with pay and allowances of 2nd Lt

1918 Mar 22. Gazetted "2nd Lt (T/Capt) Albert Ernest Owins. Worcestershire Regt. for conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. During the attack he led his company with great ability and enabled his battalion and the battalion on his right, which was losing direction, to attack the proper objectives. During the consolidation he exposed himself fearlessly, and set a magnificent example to all.

1920 Mar 5. Worc Regt. Lt A Owins, M.C., retires on ret pay, and is granted the rank of Captain.

1920 Dec 29. Joined ADRIC  with Aux. no. 1328 . Posted to Coy N

1921 Oct 7 Re-engaged in ADRIC .   

1922 Jan 14. Discharged at demobilisation of ADRIC

1924 Jul/Sep Married in Worcester to Annie F Owins (?)

1931 Jan 7. Out of work

1937 Dec 22. Part time Bailiff

1939 Register at May Cottage Bannut Hill,Kempsey , Upton-on-Severn R.D., Worcestershire, with wife Annie F. He is a County Court Bailiff

1947 Oct/Dec Died Upton on Stour



WO 339/84964