Arthur Frederick Page MC

1886 Apr 4, born Whitechapel, London

1901 census at Whitechapel

1911 census. A Boarder at 2 Tuam Road Plumstead. He was a clerk aged 23

1914 Dec 28 Enlisted in R Warks Regt. His father is Edwin Page. of 2 Engadine St, Southfield

1915 May 2. Landed in France

1916 Aug 14. Promoted Sgt

1917 Jan 7. Commissioned R Warks Serjt. A. F. Page.

1917 May 5 Wounded and evacuated to UK. His UK address is the same as on MIC, 1 Ennis Rd , Plumstead

1917 Dec 28 MC Gazetted. T /2nd Lt. Arthur Frederick Page, R. War R. (now Labour Corps).

1917 May 10. Posted to UK following a GSW to the leg in France

1917 Jul 25. Transfer to Labour Corps

1919 Apr 25 Applies for medals from HM Gunwharf, Devonport. He was with RAOC at this time as that was where guns tested by RAOC for the navy were then mounted in navy ships.

1920 Apr 1. Labour Corps Temp. Lt. A. F..Page, M.C., relinquishes his commission on completion of service, and retains, the rank of Lt.

1920 Nov 24. Joined ADRIC with service no 1098. Posted to A Coy.

1921 May 29. Posted to R Coy

1921 Jun 1 Appointed A/CQM

1921 Oct 27. Posted to L Coy. CQM of L Coy Appointed CQM

1922 Jan 28 Posted to Depot

1922 Feb 7. Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1934 He arrives in UK with wife Wanda from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is an accountant. They travel 2nd class. They have been living in Argentina and intend living in UK (their 3 children were born after they arrived in UK) I assume they married in Argentina

1939 Jan 30 Arrives UK from Lisbon with wife Wanda and family, they live a t St Denys Lodge

St Denys Lodge

1939 Register Living at Saint Denys Lodge , Uckfield R.D., Sussex, with wife Wanda. He is a Company Secretary. His wife is difficult to follow. She was born Wanda  Drachenberg on 13 Mar 1909. I cannot find the marriage and assume it was overseas

1962, Died Battersea. London

1990 His widow Wanda Page died in Surrey


WO 339/85319