Major Claud Alfred Leonard Pascoe OBE

1887 Dec 21. Born Camberwell, London

1891 census at Court Villa, Penally Village, Penally, Nash, Pembroke

1901 census at at school at Christ College, Brecknock St David Within, Brecon

His family are living in Pembrokeshire

1911 census A Schoolmaster at Lucton School Lucton Kingsland Herefordshire

1912 Aug 30 Leaves UK for Canada intending to farm. Travels 2nd Class. "Farming" was what many immigrants put on their forms as Canada was actively seeking farm workrs, and it probably caused less aggrovation with Canadian Immigration to put that as one's intended job.

By Aug 1914 he had a job on Toronto Star as a reporter

1914 Aug 17 Arrives back UK from Canada on Allan line SS Victorian. He is 27 , a "broker" , and travels Steerage.

An article that appeared in the Toronto Daily Star on 10 August 1914 on p. 4 and was headlined ,"Star Reporter for War; Joins French Army" begins, "Mr. Claude A. Pacoe, a member of the staff of the Toronto Daily Star has sailed on board the Allan liner Victorian to join the French army in which he has already enlisted. Mr.. Pascoe has served his time in the British navy, his father holds a commission as admiral in the navy at the present time, and his family has been identified with Britain's sea walls for generations. Mr. Pascoe went to Montreal as soon as Britain declared war with the object of returning to rejoin the navy. The order to remain in Canada pending orders from headquarters reached him along with other reservists before the Victorian sailed. Determined to reach the front with all dispatch, Mr. Pascoe immediately enlisted as a French private, and will trans-ship to a French port as soon as the Victorian reaches Liverpool..." However, the articles that appeared later in the Toronto Star are not at all consistent in their accounts of Pascoe's family background. Thus, in contrast to the 1914 report that Pascoe's father was an admiral, the article from 8 May 1940 ("Claud Pascoe To Picture C.A.S.F. Life at Aldershot") reports that Pascoe's "father was a captain in the British navy. His grandfather was an admiral with the British fleet and at 24, his great-grandfather, who later became an admiral, served as flag-lieutenant with Nelson in the Battle of Trafalgar."

The 1914 article mentioned above declared in its headline that Pascoe joined the French army. A second article in the Daily Star, from 1915, reported that "A letter dated July 14th received from Mr. Claud Pascoe who left the Star staff on the first of August last year to join the French Army, contains the information that he is now serving at the front with the 2nd King Edward Horse, and that he is safe and sound. The regiment early in May participated in a charge that brought it considerable renown at the front." However, the 1940 report states that Pascoe "joined the Canadian army within a day or two after war broke out in 1914 and serve as a private in the Algonquin Rifles. Soon he became a lieutenant and was transferred to the King Edward Horse, where he rose to the rank of major. He went to the front with the Canadian Mounted Brigade and subsequently served for the rest of the war with various Imperial army infantry units and with the 16th Battalion, MG.C. He was wounded in the Louberval Sector of the Somme. Immediately after the war Major Pascoe served for two years with the British military mission and the white army in Russia. For his distinguished service during the Russian revolution he was awarded the Order of the British Empire, and, by Russia, the crosses of St. Vladimir, St. Stanislaus and St. Anne. He was invalided from Russia suffering from typhoid fever. In addition to the O.B.E. and his three Russian decorations, Major Pascoe was decorated by Rumania and also holds the Mons Star. He later became an intelligence officer and served in Ireland for three years. On his return to Canada, Pascoe resumed his work at the Star."

It is difficult to see what truths he told in Canada. His father was a Royal Navy Captain when he reitred in 1907. His paternal Grandfather was a Royal Navy Carpenter, who was never commissioned.. He certainly left Canada in August 1914 and arrived in UK. He himself had never served in Royal Navy

1915 Jul 5. Lands in France with King Edward Horse

1916 Feb 3. Trooper Claud Alfred Leonard Pascoe, from King Edward's Horse, to be Second Lieutenant (on probation). (LG gives 1916 as his commission)

1916 Aug 15. 2nd Lt. C. A. L. Pascoe to be temp. Capt., without pay and allowances, whilst holding the appointment of Bombing Officer, vice 2nd Lt. (temp. Capt.) A. G. Souray, who vacates the appointment and relinquishes the temp, rank of Capt.

1919 Jul 8. To be Temp Major whilst empld. as Chief Instrs. Machine Gun. — Lt. (actg. Capt.) C. A. L. Pascoe, 2nd Lond R., T.F., and M.G. Corp

1919 Jul 17. AIR/1960 confirms Captain C.A.L.Pascoe attached as Machine Gun Instructor at Rostov

1920 Mar 15. Military OBE Gazetted. The King has been graciously pleased to give orders for the following promotions in, and appointments to, the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, on the recommendation of the General Officer Commanding, British Military Mission, in recognition of valuable services rendered in connection with Military Operations in South Russia. Lt, temp Major Claud Alfred Leonard Pascoe, 2nd London Regt, attd to MGC

1920 Aug 17. Lt. C. A. L. Pascoe, O.B.E., 2nd Lond. R., T.F., relinquishes the temp, rank of. Maj. OH ceasing to be empld'. as a Chief. Instr., M.G. Corps.

1920 Oct 28. 2nd Bn., London Regt.—Lt. C. A. L. Pascoe, O.B.E., is restored to the unit.

1920 Oct 28. Joined ADRIC with service no 907. Posted to H Coy. H Coy was founded on this date, and all new entrants would have been posted to it until it filled its required numbers. H Coy was based in Tralee Co Kerry and saw a lot of action, but he is not mentioned anywhere, nor did he get promoted, which is unusual for a Major in the British Army.

1921 May 6 to May 28 on Leave

1921 Aug 28. Discharged medically unfit, not due to service in ADRIC

1921 Aug 30. Leaves UK for Canada. He is a journalist. Travels 1st class and intends living in Canada

1921 Nov 9. Gazetted out as Major

1924 Jul 16. Married in York, Ontario, Canada to Sarah Jane Newman

1931 May 7. Sails from Bermuda to USA. He is an editor traveling with his wife Laura. They live in Canada

1940 Apr 13 Arrives in UK from Canada, he is a "journalist" living in Canada

1940 Jun 24. Leaves UK for Canada, he is an Army Officer. Lives in Canada

1960 Oct. Died Canada Buried at Saint James Cemetery, Toronto. "Former City Editor of Totonto Star"

2010 His medals auctioned in Australia

Group of Six to Major Claud Alfred Leonard Pascoe court mounted; OBE Military (1st type); 1914-15 Star impressed to 1560 Pte C.A.L.Pascoe; British War Medal and Victory Medal (MID) impressed to Major C.A.L.Pascoe; Russian Order of St Vladimir 4th Class with swords; Order of St Stanislaus 2nd Class (records also indicate Pascoe's entitlement to the Order of St Anne 3rd Class in addition to the above named group, but the breast badge is not present). The lot includes some research on Russian makers of Imperial orders and a book extract detailing White Russian Imperial awards to the recipient. A wonderful gVF-EF group OBE (LG16th July 1920) Pascoe, Lt (T.Major) Claud Alfred Leonard, 2nd Bn Lon Reg attd MGC in recognition of valuable services rendered in connection with military operations in South Russia MID (LG 16th July 1920) for valuable and distinguished services rendered with the British Military Mission in South Russia WO/0137/6178 (MS3B, FD) 1st July 1920 entitled to Order of St Vladimir 4th Class with swords; Order of St Anne 3rd Class; Order of St Stanislaus 2nd Class PRO.AIR/204 confirms Order of St Anne 3rd Class by Armed Forces of South Russia Order No.2783 dated 22nd Nov 1919 at Theodosia in Crimea, PRO. AIR/1960 confirms Captain C.A.L.Pascoe attached as Machine Gun Instructor at Rostov 17th July 1919 Est. $6,000