Capt William Peden HLI

1886 Feb 1. Born Yorks Nothing in BMD

1891 Census living at Hallam, Sheffield

1901 census at Glasgow with family - no father

Marion Peden 45
Florence R Peden 20
Marion A Peden 19
Wm A J Peden 15
Ed G D Peden 13
Dalis Yorke Peden 10
Mabel T A Peden 8
James Maxwell 44

1911 census at Lucknow, India, A Corporal aged 25 born Glasgow in HLI

1917 Mar 23, Commissioned 2nd Lt He was a CSM when commissioned.

1918 Apr 28 Temp Capt while on appointment in India

1918 Sep 23. Promoted Lt in HLI

1920 Feb 9. Relinquishes the acting rank of Capt

1921 Jan 15 Leaves UK for New Zealand via Australia

1921 Nov 22. Joined the ADRIC with service no 2187. Posted to R Coy

1922. He appears to have served until demobilisation.

1922 Mar 29. Joined the British Gendarmerie section of the Palestine Police as a Constable.

1926 Mar 26. Arrives in UK from Port Said. He is in Palestine Gendarmerie