Harry Playle, RFA

1895 Nov 19. Born Hendon, Middlesex

1901 census in Brentford, Middlesex

1911 census at The Jolly Farmer'' Staines Road, Hounslow. Staines Rd, Hounslow on MIC

1915 Feb 25. Landed in France

1917 Dec 21. Commissioned 2nd Lt in RFA from an Officer Cadet unit.

1919 Jun 21. Promoted Lt

1920 Apr 1. Resigns his commission. Gazetted out as Lt

1920 Aug 17. Joined ADRIC with service no 366. Posted to C Coy

1920 Nov 11. Promoted Section Leader.

In Lycett´s book he says, which may have been Playle: Section Leader Quale was in charge, with five other cadets and we had to be at the Vehicle Park at 8am. The Leader had been recently issued with a new powerful gun, which was a heavy 12 bore, I think. He was climbing down the lorry step, when he either hit the butt of the rifle or mishandled it somehow; anyway it let off one ‘bang’. The driver of the lorry was killed and, as I was standing in front of the lorry, I was hit by some shot, but did not realise until one of the other men said, “Look, Ernie, blood.” It was running down my arm and onto my hand. It all happened in an instant and I was taken to the ambulance room, where the doctor examined me and told me it had only just missed my elbow.

1921 Jan 21. Became a Freemason at TCD

1921 Sep 3. Transferred to Ulster Special Constabulary

1961 Mar 16 Retires from Electrolux