Major Arthur Percy Poe RHS


Harley Park, now ruined

1866 Sep 4. Born Harley Park, Callan, Tipperary, Ireland. His father was a "gentleman" who owned about 1000 acres. He had 2 brothers James Purefoy Poe, John Julius Evans Poe

1886 Mar 5. Appointed Lt in 3rd Inniskilling Fusiliers.

1888 Oct 17. 3rd Battalion, the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, Lieutenant A.P. Poe resigns his Commission . something seems to have happened to provoke this change

1888 Dec 19. Enlists in SLI. He says he was a Lt in 3rd Inniskilling Fus before. Service record . For 7 years plus 5 years

1891 census in Farnborough, Hants. A Corporal in Somerset Light Infantry.

1895 - 1898 Indian Frontier

1898 Jun 18. Promoted Colour Sgt in SLI

1903 Oct/Dec . Married Ethel McGibbon at Murree, India

1907 Mar 2. Son born Arthur Geoffrey Poe

1908 Oct 22. Awarded RHS medal

1911 Feb 17. Transferred to Connaught Rangers

1911 Jun 26 Discharged at end of engagement as a Sgt Major

1915 Feb 15, Lieutenant Arthur P. Poe to be Captain (temporary).

1917 Jan 6. ASC, Temp Capt A P Poe to be Temp Major

1918 Jan 21 ... and to remain seconded . Lt . (temp.Capt. ) (temp.Maj. , A..S.C.) A . P . Poe , to remain seconded , and retain temp , rank of Maj. , A.S.C

1919 Nov 25. Capt. A.P.Poe, T.F. , relinquishes the temp , rank of Maj . ASC

1920 Jul 12. Joined RIC as a Barrack Defence Officer

1921 Jan 17 Joined ADRIC with service no 1546. Posted to N Coy

1921 Feb 14 Posted to Depot. This is 2 days after the dismissed men were sent to Depot. But the indications are that he was involved in the raid

1921 Feb 22. Permitted to resign

1921 May 18. RASC. Capt. A P . Poe, 55th (W. Lancs. ) Divisional Train , resigns his commn,and is granted the rank of Maj .

1923 Aug 18 Arrives in Canada to try his luck there

1938 Dec 9. Legal question over an estate. Judgment was reserved by Mr. Justice Black , in the High Court, Dublin , yesterday, on questions arising on the construction of the will of Major John J. E. Poe, formerly of the Royal Irish Regiment , and of St. Anne 's, Coliemore Road , Dalkey, who died on December 9 , 1938. The matter came before the Court on a summons taken out by Arthur Percy Poe, retired major , Harley Park, Co. Tipperary, and heir-at- law , in his capacity as executor of the will, which had been made as a soldier' s will in 1916. The property disposed of by the will consisted, in addition to family heirlooms, of investments, furniture, money and farm stock , and the value was approximately £12,300. Among the questions which the Court was asked to determine were: (a,) Whether the class of children entitled under the disposition of the testator' s land and other property in favour of, the children of his brother, Arthur Percy Poe , was confined to children of Arthur Percy Poe living at the death of the testator ? (b) Whether the said class included the children living at the death of the testator and any child or children that might at any time be born to Arthur Percy Poe? Mr. P. McCarthy, . B.C., and Mr. E. Q'Hanruhnn (Instructed by Dr. M. J, Crotty) appeared for Arthur Geoffrey Poe, Violet K . Poe , both of Harley Park , and Olive Susan Mallock, McKenzle Road, Ahmednagar , India , children of Arthur Percy Poe; Mr; A. K. Overend, S.C., and Mr. C. F. Matheson (instructed by Messrs. Bennett , Thompson and Edwards) appeared for Mrs. Olive Ball, Lawrie Park Road, Sydenham , London, a sister of the testator and one of his next-of-kin

1956 Oct 22. Died in Cheltenham