Cuthbert Charles Swainston Quin

This is not the ADRIC man and is in fact Cuthbert Arthur Quin. CCS Quin did not have any medals on his enlistment in ADRIC


1887 Aug 23. Born Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland

1891 census at 11 Victoria Sq, Jesmond

1901 census at boarding school Baylis House, Slough. From 1830 to 1907, Baylis House became the Saint James Roman Catholic School under William and James Butt. The school had previously operated from Richmond but moved due to size restrictions. The school farmed about 100 acres and ran its own dairy, bakery and brewery. Even though these served most of the school's needs, it went bankrupt in 1907

1911 census he is boarding at 36 Blandford Square, Marylebone Road, London , and is of "private means"

Attended Stoneyhurst Public School and is in their records as "Wounded"

1917 Apr 26 Presumed date of Commission

1918 Oct 26 . Royal Fusiliers. The undermentioned temp. 2nd Lt. to be temp . Lts: —C . C . S . Quin .

1919 Feb 29. His gelding "Brown Camel" was at a Dover Gymkhana

1920 Nov 17 Joined ADRIC with service no 1068. Posted to Depot. His ADRIC record says "no medals".

1921 Feb 23. "Struck off strength" He was involved in "Dunmanway Bank Raid"

1937 Aug 4. Bankruptcy Receiving Order. The Motor Club, Coventry Street, London, W

1939 Register. He is unemployed, living with his widowed mother at 3 Hornton Court , Kensington, London,

1943 May 18 . QUIN, Cuthbert Charles Swainston, described in the Receiving Order as C. C. S. Quin of the Motor Club, Coventry Street, London, W. Court— HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE. No. of Matter— 1351 of 1901. Date of Order—April 20, 1943. Nature of Order made—Bankrupt's discharge suspended for one week, and that he be discharged as from April 27, 1943. Grounds named in Order for refusing an absolute Order of Discharge—Proof of Fact mentioned in Section 26, sub-section 3 (F.), Bankruptcy Act, 1914, as amended by Section i of the Bankruptcy (Amendment) Act, 1926

1958 Nov 18 Died in London