Thomas Richardson DCM & bar,

1885 Aug 30. Born Yorkshire from RIC records

1891 census living at 37, Bachelor Street, Leeds. All were born in Leeds

1901 census living at 10, Creskell Street, Holbeck, Leeds

1910 Married

1911 census living at Durrington Salisbury, Wilts. He is a "soldier in RFA", married for a year to Margaret, and they have a daughter, Mabel (b.1910)

1914 Aug 19. Landed in France

1915 Apr 1. DCM gazetted

1916 Mar 11. Bar to DCM gazetted. There were about 490 bars awarded to the DCM

1916 Nov 25. Commissioned. The undermentioned WO. and N.C.Os. to be 2nd Lts. for service in the Field: — Thomas Richardson RFA

1920 Dec 20. Joins ADRIC service no 1306. Posted to M Coy

1921 Feb 3. Wounded in Clonfin Ambush . Two lorries of Auxiliaries were driving between Granard and Ballinalee. The Longford Flying Column under Sean McEoin had prepared to ambush them at Clonfin. The IRA exploded a mine under the first lorry, wounding all the Auxiliaries in that lorry. The second lorry ran into the ambush and its occupants were attacked by the IRA. The Auxiliaries surrendered when their ammunition ran out. McEoin gave orders that the wounded were to be cared for and that survivors should not be executed.

Richardson appears to have been the man who escaped, though wounded, and brought help back to the scene of the ambush.

He is posted back to depot following the ambush

Admitted Stevens Hospital and then Medical Leave till 22 Feb 1921

1921 Mar 23. Posted back to M Coy.

1921 Jul 9. Promoted to Section Leader

1921 Aug (circa) WS 662 I had great satisfaction some weeks after the Truce in taking their chief intelligence officer Captain Sterling of the Lancers, stationed in Longford, and Cadet Richardson of the Auxiliary Forces down to the window to have a look at the horrid red face on the side of the jug that sent them scampering back to England. Through means of this jug we saved the lives of many of our men in the Column, including Sean MacEoin, as when the message was decoded we were able to warn them to get out before the British arrived. The key to the codes used..

1922 Jan 19. Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1923 Sep 4. R.H. & R.F.A.—Lt. Thomas Richardson, D.C.M., resigns his commn. on enlistment in the ranks of the R.A.F.



Clonfin Ambush