2nd Lt. Claude Francis Ridgeway, R Irish Fus


WO338 gives only "C.F" as does his commission. Nothing in RIC. Not in Irish census. There is a "Charles Frederick" born 1888 in England, but I cannot tie him to to R Irish Fus.

1895 Jan/Mar Born Dublin

1901 census in Dublin

1911 census in Dublin

1914 Oct Commissioned 2nd Lt in 7th R Irish Fus

1916 Nov 15. R. Ir. Fus. Temp. 2nd Lt. C. . Ridgeway resigns his commission Something has made him resign his commission, but he enlists sttraight away. Without his service record I cannot get he reasons

1916 Oct 10. Enlists in ASC

1918 Feb 11. In Mountjoy Prison as a absentee from HM Army. In ASC, 265257. His address is Temple Villas, Palmerston Rd, Dublin. Father Francis

1918 Oct 10. Discharged on grounds of sickness, SWB awarded

1920 Mar 28. Arrives Canada from UK. He worked in Machinery, was coming to Canada to work, his employer had paid his fare, but he did not intend settling in Canada

1921 Jan 1. Joined ADRIC with service no 1397. Posted to M Coy

1921 Feb 14. Permitted to resign

1922 Aug 11. Leaves UK for Canada. He is an engineer intending to live in Canada.

1930 Jan 18 Leaves UK for Canada. He is a salesman living at Palmerston Road, Dublin, age 34

1949 Dec 22. Arrives UK from Canada (his wife was Pearl, so I assume this is him)