Capt Harry Summers Robertson, HLI & Chinese Labour Corps

1877 Jan 27. Born Islington, London

1881 census at 95, Elsley Rd, Battersea

1891 census at 1, Churchill Road, St Pancras

1901 census cannot find him. Given his posting to Chinese Labour Corp, and ship to Shanghai in 1923, he seems to have been in China at this time. He got 1900 China Medal with Shanghai Volunteer Corps which was mobilised in 1900 for the Boxer Rebellion

1914 Oct 16 . Leaves Shanghai with 110 others to return to UK to enlist. He was working for Wm Little & Co. Carter Road, Shanghai was originally named after Carter & Co.. a pioneer British firm, renamed Wm. Little & Co. 1883.

The Shanghai contingent had a number of men that later joined the ADRIC WF Martinson , HJ Beach, H S Robertson, EW Trotman

1914 Dec 15. Arrives in London on SS Suwa Maru from Shanghai, part of a group of young men who comprised the "Shanghai contingent " in the manifest. There is a book about them. They appear to be recruits for the British Army, and they marched as a column to the Central Recruiting Office in London when they arrived, and most of them joined one of two regiments: the 10th Battalion of the Yorkshire Regiment, or King Edwards Horse. 

1915 Mar 17. The undermentioned to be temporary Second Lieutenants. Harry Summers Robertson.

1915 Oct 6 Landed in France

1916 Feb 2, High. L.I. Temp. 2nd Lt. H. S. Robertson to be temp. Lt.

1917 Jul 20. High. L.I. Temp. Lt. H. S. Robertson to be actg. Capt. (addtl.).

1917 Nov 1.High. L.I. The undermentioned temp. Lts. to be temp. Capts.: — H. S. Robertson (actg. Capt.).

1918 Feb 7. Labour Corps. Temp. Capt. H. S. Robertson, from a Serv. Bn., High. L.I., to be temp. Capt. 7 Feb. 1918, with seniority 1 Nov. 1917. 2nd Lt Meikle replaced HS Robertson, who had been the Battn Transport officer from Oct 1915.

1920 Sep21. Joined ADRIC with service no 607. Posted L Coy

1920 Dec 15. Promoted Section Leader

1921 Dec 21. Promoted Platoon Commander

1921 Apr 7. Posted to Depot . Appointed Master of Bloodhounds

1921 Jul 2. Register appears to say "P.R.I"

1921 Nov 21. Relinquishes PR.I and continues as Bloodhound Master

1922 Jan. He was still serving at demobilisation

1923 Feb 4. Booked by the Government on a ship to Shanghai, but his name is then crossed off.

1932 Married in Nottingham to Vera Syson

1939 At 32 George Street , Arnold U.D., Nottinghamshire,. He is a commercial traveller. His date of birth is given as 27 Jan 1884. I suspect that it was becase his wife was 29 years younger that he was narrowing the gap.

1948 Jun 23. Died Nottingham