Henry James Roe DCM, QSA

There is a problem with his identity. He is on N Coy as H J Roe

but his chin is different in family photos both as a young man and as an old man . HJ Roe is certainly the man in this CV with correct DOB and in 1939 Register

1880 Nov 22. Born Whitchurch, Hants

1891 census at The Brewery, Winchester Street, Whitchurch

1900 Mar 16. Attested to Imperial Yeomanry. He was a "Brewer"Served in Boer War - see full Ancestry article from Hants and Berks Gazette which appeared on Saturday 15th June 1901. Private, 15685, 78 Company (Rough Riders) 20 battalion Imperial Yeomanry. "Row" on Original Roll. The Queen's South Africa (QSA) Medal Clasps: Cape Colony, Orange Free State, South Africa 1901

1900 Apr 13. Leaves UK for South Africa

Mr Harry Roe volunteered for active service some fifteen months ago, joining the 78th Company of that useful body of men known as the Rough Riders Imperial Yeomanry.  After about three weeks training at Aldershot they were sent out to South Africa on board the S.S.Canada, this vessel taking out over 500 of the same battalion, Through the difficulties and dangers of fourteen months service, nearly the whole time of which was spent in a part of the country in which the Boers were very active. Mr Roe escaped, beyond a slight attack of sun blindness. without mishap, reaching England again on Saturday, and his home in Whitchurch on Wednesday evening. 

1901 Jun 10 Arrives back in UK from South Africa

1901 Jun 16 Demobilised. Although it was not generally known by which train he would return, there was a large crowd awaiting the arrival of the 6.8 pm from Farnborough. All along Newbury Street flags and bunting were flying and the brewery house was gaily and artistically decorated with various flags. The word "Welcome",standing out in bold letters over the front door. When the "Gentleman in khaki" was seen coming down the street leaning on his fathers arm.and in the company of his brothers and sisters, cheer after cheer rent the air evincing the pleasure which the hundreds who had turned out to welcome him felt at his safe return.  Arriving at the house the doors hid for a few minutes the mother’s welcome a sight all too sweet and sacred for a public gaze, but returning to the street the young soldier was soon in the thick of the crowd shaking hands with one and another and receiving the congratulations of his friends. Neither the hardships of the campaign, the lack of proper food or clothing or the effects of the climate seem to have had much effect on the lithesome frame of the young soldier.and beyond the loss of surplus flesh which made him look slightly thinner than when he left home, he appears none the worse for his experience.  lt is a matter of extreme congratulation that while disease and death have been rife even among the stalwart Yeomen in his company. yet he has escaped unscathed. thanks to a good constitution and his general fitness for work ln an interview which a Hants and Berks Gazette reporter had with Mr Roe shortly after his arrival the following details of his experiences were gleaned,

1909 Oct 16 Married in London to Maud Beatrice South

1911 census at Ridgeway Farm House, Laverstoke, Whitchurch

1915 Nov 13 Landed in France

1917 Apr 27 He was awarded DCM for his actions in an attack. There is a letter he wrote to his wife describing the events. It starts In the Spring of the year 1917 I was in France, a member of the 17th Royal Fusiliers which, with the the 24th Fusiliers, the Ox. and Bucks. Light Infantry and the Highland Light Infantry, comprised 5th Brigade.  We were about to attack the German forces in the vicinity of a town called, Oppy. ....On the morning of 27th. April, 1917, in accordance with instructions, I proceeded with four of the pigeons which were under my care to my Brigade's Advanced Headquarters, and reported to the Senior Officer of the Ox. and Bucks. Battalion.  I was to spend the night in the H.Q., which was situated in a deep, long tunnel which had formerly been a German dug-out. 

1917 Jul 26 DCM Gazetted

1918 Jun 8. Commissioned 2nd Lt in Hamps. Regt

1919 Nov 17. 2nd Lt H J Roe DCM, relinquishes his commission and retains the rank of 2nd Lt

1921 Feb 3. Joined ADRIC with service no 1622. Posted to O Coy

1921 Feb 13 Posted to N Coy

1921 Jun 22. Opening of Ulster Parliament

2DI in N Coy but no record of promotion

1922 Jan 14. Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1939 Register. He is a taxi driver, living with wife Maud at 24 Sutton Court Road , Brentford and Chiswick M.B., Middlesex,

1969 Sep 29. Died at Chatham, Kent