Major E F Ross, Indian Army


The MIC gives "E F " and WO338 gives "E F" I cannot get his Christian names, till I found an Indian Army list which gave "Eglintoune Frederick Ross"

1883 Jun 20 Born Lewes, Sussex. Father: Eglintoune Frederick Thomas Ross Mother: Elizabeth

1891 Census at 68 Lansdowne Place, Hove, Sussex

1901 census A visitor at a house in Woking

1902 Aug 12. To be 2nd Lt in RGA, Lieutenant Eglintoune Frederick Ross, from 4th Battalion the Royal Irish Regiment, with precedence next below Second Lieutenant John P. Whelan.

1905 Jul 19 Promoted Lt in RGA

1909 Jul/Sep Married in Brighton to SHERAR Alice Winifred

1909 Dec 12. The Dorsetshire Regiment, The promotion to the rank of Lieutenant of Second Lieutenant Richard E. Partridge is antedated to 12th December, 1909, vice Lt E. F. Ross, admitted to the Indian Army

1911 census a lodger in Isle of Wight with his wife. He is a Lt in Indian Army

1911 Aug 12. Promoted Captain in Indian Army . A Company Commander with 75th.Carnatic Infantry

Nothing during the war years.

1921 Oct 26. Joined ADRIC with service no 2133. Posted to Depot

1921 Oct 29. In Stevens Hospital

1921 Nov 11. Permitted to resign on compassionate grounds

1923 Divorce Court File: 2789. Appellant: Alice Winifred Ross. Respondent: Eglintoune Frederick Ross. Type: Wife's petition for divorce

After that he disappears.