Thomas Philip Ryan, OBE, RNA

1890 Jan 17. Born Chelsea, London, England

1891 census at 92, Beaufort Street, Chelsea, London

1901 census at 3, Neville Terrace, Kensington

1911 census at 15 Selwood Place South Kensington S W. He was an apprentice in the Merchant Service in 1911 census

As far as I can see Ryan was in the Auxiliary Patrol to start with, then went on to minesweeping. Royal Naval Reserve (Trawler Section) - the RNR(T).   By the end of 1915 the Minesweeping Service employed 7,888 officers and men. When war broke out 94 trawlers were allocated for minesweeping duties spread across the UK.  Each group was commanded by a naval officer who had received some training in minesweeping.  For the new minesweeping and auxiliary patrol flotillas, officers and civilians were obtained from the Merchant Navy and given temporary commissions in the RNR and RNVR.  By 1918 the Trawler Reserve consisted of 39,000 officers and men of whom 10,000 were employed in minesweepers and the rest in the auxiliary patrol.  The total RN minesweeping forces included 762 ships stationed at 26 home ports and 35 foreign bases.  214 minesweepers had been lost during the four years and three months of the war.

1914 Sep 15. Commissioned Sub-Lt. He was appointed to VERNON for Miscellaneous Duties. Still there September 1915.

1915 Sep 14 Tempy Lt RNR [acting]

1915 Oct/Dec. Married Rose Carroll in London

1916 Mar 10. Appointed to IPHEGENIA [Borne as Additional], minesweeping depot ship, White Sea,

1917 Mar 16. Appointed to VINDICTIVE [Borne as Additional], 16/3/17. VINDICTIVE replaced IPHEGENIA as White Sea depot ship.

1917 Jun 27. MID in recognition of their services in vessels of the Auxiliary Patrol between the 1st February and 31st December, 1916: . Lieut. Thomas Philip Ryan, R.N.R.

1918 Nov 4. Appointed in command of the Hunt class minesweeper NORTHOLT, 4/11/18.

1919 Oct 21 Demobilised

1919 May 23. Gazetted OBE. Lieutenant Thomas Philip Ryan, R.N.R. For valuable services as Principal Mine Sweeping Officer at Kirkwall from April to October, 1918.

1920 Aug 2. Joined ADRIC with service no 85, seconded from the Army and appointed to police advisors staff. 3rd class District Inspector. Previously a Lt in Royal Naval Auxiliary. Form 3 transfer. Posted to B Coy

1920 Sep 23. Posted to Depot Coy. Attached to the Police Advisors Office

1921 Feb 10 Promoted to Permanent Cadet and DI3 in RIC

1921 Mar 25. Back with ADRIC with new service no 1863

1921 Mar 26 Posted to Q Coy. Company Commander

1921 Apr 11. Relinquished Command of Q Coy on taking up" special duties" , but appears to remain attached to Q Coy until 16 Jul 1921. Oddly he gave the newspaper interview after the IRA raid on Apr 11. It refers to him as being in command. It appears that 11 Apr is the day he stepped down from command. I am not sure if the move is co-incidental or not. He was not wounded in the attack.

1921 Apr 11 In North British Hotel attacked by the IRA

1921 Jul 16 Ceased to be attached to Q Coy and "returned to Phoenix Park"

1921 Dec 7, Struck off strength on transfer to permanent position in RIC

1921 Jun 10. Gazetted. The following decorations have been conferred by His Majesty the King of Roumania upon the undermentioned British Naval Officers1 in recognition of their services1 during the War: — His Majesty the KING has given unrestricted permission to the Officers concerned to wear the decorations in question. ORDER OF THE STAR OF ROUMANIA. Chevalier. Lieut. Thomas P.Ryan, O.B.E., R.N.R

1922 Jul 7, pensioned by RIC

1923 Aug Leaves UK for Canada on SS Empress of France. "nil" profession, 1st class, his father William is living at 251A South Fulham Rd, South Kensington. Landing form shows him bound for Land & Colonisation Dept of Canadian Pacific Railway in Winnipeg

1925 Sep 29. Fills up a form indicating the he intended applying for a USA citizenship

1931 Feb 9. Becomes a naturalised USA citizen

1939 Sep 3. Thomas Philip Ryan, RCNR appears to be the same man as he has an OBE. He is a Lt at this date, rising to Lt. Commander later in the war. As one might expect he is involved in minesweeping

1941 Dec . Lieutenant T.P. Ryan, O.B.E., Commanding Officer, H.M.C.S. Niagara

Ship Rank Type From To
HMCS Niagara (I 57) T/Lt. Destroyer 3 Jul 1941 23 Feb 1942
HMCS Ingonish (J 69) T/Lt. Minesweeper 29 Apr 1942 2 May 1943
HMCS Dawson (K 104) T/A/Lt.Cdr. Corvette 8 Jun 1943 31 Mar 1944
HMCS Shediac (K 110) T/A/Lt.Cdr. Corvette 31 Mar 1944 31 Jul 1944
HMCS Dawson (K 104) T/A/Lt.Cdr. Corvette 31 May 1944 19 Jun 1945

1943 Jun 8. Appointed to command of Dawson

1944 Feb 14. HMCS Dawson (T/A/Lt.Cdr. T.P. Ryan, OBE, RCNR) depart from Esquimalt for Halifax.

1944 Mar 31. His command of the Dawson finishes