Capt Edwin Rous Saltonstall MC


1892 Nov 27. Born Hampstead, Middlesex. His father Gilbert Saltonstall died in 1896. His father was born in USA and was a "buyer"

1901 census at Maldon

1911 census. At Hull City Lunatic Asylum, where he is an attendant. Born 1893 in Hampstead, Middlesex

1915 Apr 18. Landed in France

1915 Aug 14. 5th Battalion, Alexandra, Princess of Wales's Own (Yorkshire Regiment); Lance-Serjeant Edwin Rous Saltonstall to be Second Lieutenant.

1916 Jul 16. War diary of 5th Yorks Reg has his report of the raid "2nd Lt ER Saltonstall. I reached my objective [enemy's wire at point B] without any considerable difficulty. On arriving, however I found that an extra knife rest had been put out in the week part of the wire, where I was to cut it, which rendered the operation practically impossible. By the time I discovered this bombs started all of a sudden bursting on my Left [about point A] and almost immediately a perfect hail of bombs come over my party. We now saw two Germans firing over the parapet of the crater trench just in front of us. Sergt Francis thereupon lobbed a grenade right on the parapet top between the two and both fell over backwards. By this time it was nearly 1.45 am, the hour agreed upon for retirement, and as I could hear no signs of any of our fellows in the crater trench, but heard shouts on the Left, I made my way there to find what was happening. On the way I heard Capt Brown shout out "All right, get back everyone." I therefore started back with my party. On the way back we came across the Party with the Bosche prisoner. He was causing considerable trouble, shouting and struggling to get away. As he could not be got in peaceably I had to apply a little persuasion with the butt of my revolver on his head. This partially dazed him and he gave little further trouble.

1916 Aug 25. MC Gazetted. 2nd L . Edwin Rous Saltonstall, York. R. For conspicuous gallantry during a raid on the enemy's trenches. In the face of a hail of bombs, one of which dazed him by exploding near him, he stuck to his post, stood up in the open, and returned the enemy's fire. He brought in a prisoner

1917 Jul 1. Promoted Lt. He was an Acting Capt

1917 Jul 15. To be Acting Capt while commanding a coy

1918 Jan 1. Relinquishes the rank of Capt on ceasing to command a coy

1918 Apr 10 . To be Acting Capt while commanding a coy.

1918 Nov 7. Relinquishes the rank of Capt on ceasing to command a coy

1919 Jan 13 - Feb 5. Acting Capt

1919 Jun 27. 8th Bn., Scottish Rifles. —Lt. (actg. Capt. & Adjt. ) E.R. Saltonstall, M.C. , 5th Bn., Yorks. Regt , vacates the appt. of Adjt . and relinquishes the actg. rank o f Capt .

1919 Jun 29. To be an acting Staff Captain

1919 Jul/Sep Married in Sheffield, Yorks to Marjorie Lund

1920 Aug 8. 5th Batt. Resigns his commission and is granted the rank of Capt

1921 Nov 1. Accepted in England. Joined ADRIC with service no 2153. Posted to Depot

1921 Nov 19 Posted to H Coy. Posted to H Coy.

1922 Jan. He still appears to be serving at the demobilisation of ADRIC

1927 Oct 6 In Sheffield "Licensed Victuallers’ League held at the Royal Hotel. Abbeydale Road, last night, which was fully representative. Mr. E. R. Saltonstall, who had resigned his post as hon. secretary, saying that he was willing to carry on for the coming season, was reelected"

1939 Register Living at 1 Windsor Crescent , Bridlington M.B., Yorkshire , He is a Yacht Club Steward. Wife Marjorie

1941 Apr 28. To be Lt : — Capt. Edwin Rous SALTONSTALL, M.C. (185563)

1942 Apr 20. Fined £3 for showing lights after blackout at Royal Yorkshire Yacht Club.

1946 Nov 9,

1952 Jan 24 Writes to Yorks Post about the Home Guard. He signs "Lt. Col"

1963 Jan/Mar. Died Buckrose, Yorks aged 70