2nd Lt. Reginald Shelton, Notts


1898 Jan 6. Born Chesterfield, Derbyshire

1901 census at 60, Wharf Lane, Chesterfield

1911 census at 31 Wharf Lane Chesterfield, which is the address he gave the ADRIC on joining

1915 Mar 6. Attests York & Lancaster Regt. He was a hairdresser and his address was 31 Wharf Lane Chesterfield, the same as in 1911 census

1916 May 20. Posted to France

1918 Jun 2. Posted back to UK

1919 Feb 12. Commissioned 2nd Lt on demobilisation under AO 42/1919 (WO338)

1920 Nov 8. Joined ADRIC with service no 988. Posted to Depot Coy. Mother at 31 Wharfe Rd, Chesterfield

1920 Jan 30 Posted from ?B Coy to Depot

1921 Mar 28. Posted to F Coy

1921 Jul/Sep married Rathdown, Ireland

1922 Jan 17. .Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1922 Mar 1. Foresters R Shelton late 2nd Lt to be 2nd Lt in Res of Officers

1937 May 20. Detective Reginald Shelton in charge of the Chesterfield Police fingerprint dept, gave evidence in a court case in Chesterfield

1939 Register at 37 Highbury Road , Chesterfield with wife Marie. He is a finger print expert in Chesterfield Police

1954 Oct/Dec Died Chesterfield, Derbys aged 56