Capt Sidney Ernest Short

I cannot find him in Numeric Register. I have no regiment, no age, only the initial and rank. Nothing in LG. This is the only man I can find who fits. Not in RIC Register

1896 Oct/Dec Born Islington, London

1915 Nov 1. Gazetted commission as 2nd Lt in London Regt

1917 Nov 26. London Regt . Lt. S . E . Short is seconded for service with the Indian Army on prob .

1918 Jan 22. Lt in Indian Army. Sidney Ernest Short , London R . but to rank from 1st Nov. 1916

1919 Nov 1. Promoted Capt in Indian Army Reserve of Officers

1920 Dec 13. Joined ADRIC with service no 1210. Posted to Depot. The writing is difficult to make out, but he appears to have relinquished command of 2 Vet Coy on 24 Jan 1921 on transfer to Gormanstown. No other dates are given for him

1921 Jul 31. Relinquishes his commission Lt S. E. Short.

1922 Jun 22 6th Bn., Lond. R, Lt S. E. Short to be Capt .

1956 Died Dovercourt, Essex