Lt Herbert Frederick Smith, Kings African Rifles


Difficult to find. He is in Birth GRO, but I cannot find him in English nor Scottish Censuses

1887 Apr 14. Born Cambridgeshire (which confirms what is in RIC roll)

His RIC record says he was working as a trader in Sierra Leone pre-war

1913 Oct 5 Arrives UK from Africa

1914 Jan 7 Leaves UK for Sierra Leone Travels alone and 1st class

1916 Sep 25 Commissioned 2nd Lt in Seaforth Highlanders

1917 Feb 20 Seconded for duty with MGC

1917 Nov 28. Seaforth Highlanders . TF. The undermentioned 2nd Lts. to be temp. Lts. for service with K. Afr. Rif.:

1919 Sep 10. Lt H F Smith restored to the establishment of 4th Seaforths

1920 Jun 18 Joined RIC with no 71700. He must have joined as a Black & Tan Constable. The record says he resigned to join ADRIC

1920 Aug 6 Joined ADRIC with service no 141 . Posted to E Coy) This must be a form 3 transfer. 72333 is his new RIC number

1920 Nov 10 Permanent Cadet

1920 Nov 24 On raid that arrested Harry Burke (Irish Brigade)

1920 Dec 8. Posted to Bantry as DI3

1921 Jan 1. Posted to Bandon as DI3

1921 Dec 30 Resigned from RIC