William Herbert Stewart


He is in the Leave Book as "W H Stuart" not "W H Stewart" as in Numeric Register. Numeric Register also has a Lt. V Stuart RAF, but not in Leave Book. This man is not in RAF Officers list in TNA WH Stuart in Alphabetic register. I cannot work out who these two men are

1881 Nov 27 Born London (RIC records)

1915 Jun 9. Gazetted 2nd Lieutenant

1920 Jul 12. Joins RIC as a Barrack Defence Sgt

1920 Aug 1. Joined ADRIC A correction/addition for a first entry of his name in Numeric Register is given in March 1921. He is given #1864 to put matters right

1921 Feb 11. WH Stewart joined ADRIC with service no 1662 Posted to Depot.

1921 Apr 2. WH Stuart posted to Q Coy

1921 Apr 24 to May 2 on Leave

1921 May 20.WH Stewart "Permitted to resign" in leave book

1931 Oct/Dec .Marries Dorothy E Morrell in Romford

1939 Register. Living at 26 Downshall Avenue , Ilford M.B., Essex, with wife Dorothy E. He is a Canteen Worker (correct from exact dob)