Lt. Anthony Maurice Villiers Surtees, Middlesex Regt


This man is difficult, but I believe this is the right man here.. Not on WO338, not in LG, not on Google. On RIC as Maurice V Surtees. Alphabetic as "M V Surtees"". He would appear to be "A M V Surtees" in the Army where he served as "Anthony Maurice Villiers Surtees", but for other things he used only Maurice Villiers Surtees as in 1901 and 1911 census, but AM Surtees in 1960 sailing.

1896 Jan 1.. Born Lower Hardres, Kent

1901 census at Bildeston, Suffolk,

1911 census A boarding pupil at a school at Chesham Road, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire

1917 Feb 17. Commissioned 2nd Lt in Yeomanry

1918 Aug 17. A M V Surtees promoted Lt in Territorial Yeomanry

1921 Sep 30. Territorial Yeomanry. Lt A M V Surtees , Co of London resigns his commission

1920 Nov 29 Joins ADRIC with service no 1139. Posted to K Coy

1921 Jan 17. Promoted Section Leader

1921 Mar 19. Posted to H Coy

1921 Apr 9. DI1 JA MacKinnon, DI3 WH Ballantine, S/L Surtees, T/C CVH Harrison were at the shooting of Driscoll. Surtees was wounded by shotgun pellets. 3 Crossley tenders went to inspect a temporary bridge that intelligence had led them to believe would be destroyed by the IRA. They found a group of men in the act of trying to destroy it. The group split and ran, and the Auxiliaries opened fire. Daniel Driscoll was hit and later died of the wounds

1921 Jun 27. Men from H Coy were at Limerick Station. Among them were S/L GHJ Bramley, S/L MV Surtees. There were two sections as the guard at the station was being changed. There were shots and an explosion from near the signal box. And men started running away from the area. The Auxiliaries called on them to stop, and when they did not, opened fire. One man John Cremins was hit and died. Oddly nothing appears in IRA statements, so Cremins must have been a civilian, but who the men in the signal box were, I have no idea. More on the incident on this page

1921 Oct 7. Paid compensation of £60 (WS 1413) along with Frank Ivanhoe Edward Stockton (who was certainly in RIC, but I cannot find him in ADRC. He appears to have served previously as an O.R in Royal Navy) and John Frederick Bidwall Watson (commissioned 1907). It is a very long collection of government papers and does seem to refer to compensation. I have no idea who the other two men are , but he is under a full name of Maurice Villiers Surtees. It is presumably for injuries on 9 Apr 1921

1922 Jan 13 . Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1922 Jul 28 . Leaves UK for Canada

1922 Aug 25 Applies for a homestead grant in Canada , Alberta

1928 Jul 19. Applies for a homestead grant in Canada

1960 Jul 12. Leaves UK with his wife . They are returning to Rhodesia where they live.

1967 Oct 19 died Canterbury, Kent, England, This is an Ancestry tree, but nothing in British GRO