2nd Lt. Cecil Vernon Shepherd Tesseyman DCM

1894 Feb 1.. Born Hull, Yorkshire. He was a cousin of HS Tesseyman

1901 census at Hull

1911 census at Hull

1915 Nov 10. Landed in War Zone 3.

1918 Mar 26. DCM Gazetted

1919 Mar 16. Commissioned 2nd Lt

1920 Oct 21. Joined ADRIC with service no 825. Posted to C Coy

1921 Feb 21.. Promoted Section Leader

1921 Apr 13. S/L H Playle's Winchester Repeater fell over and killed Temp.Const PJ Neary

1921 Jun 24 Mentioned on a raid with C Coy

1922 Jan 13. Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1921 Dec 9. Gazetted out as 2nd . Lt

1922 Mar 28. Joined the British Gendarmerie section of the Palestine Police as a Sergeant

1923 Jul 13. Arrived in UK from Palestine.

1923. Sep 11. Left UK for Palestine." Gendarme"

1926 Aug 12. Arrived UK from Palestine. Police Officer. travels 2nd class.

1936 Sep. Palestine. During the month of September, 1936, official sanction was given for the demolition of houses as a punishment for acts of sabotage. Altogether 19 demolitions were carried out by the Battalion, assisted by the Royal Engineers. This innovation undoubtedly had a dramatic effect and definitely reduced sabotage. Immediately any act of sabotage occurred, such as mines on the road or a railway derailment, the Striking Force of the Battalion was at once sent out and, before any warning could be given, surrounded the village nearest to where the incident had taken place. The District Commissioner (Mr. J. A. O'Connor), the Superintendent of Police (Mr. C. V. S. Tesseyman, D.C.M.) and the Commanding Officer then entered the village and selected the houses to be blown up. If possible such houses were those belonging to Arab leaders or organisers of terrorist gangs. When furniture had been moved and the villagers themselves had been collected at a place of safety, the necessary explosives were placed in position and the demolition carried out. Villages, at which these demolitions were necessary, included Anabta, Dannaba, Umm Khalid, Kh Beit Lidd, Wadi Kabaneh, Qalansuwa, Kfar Labad and Bala. At the latter six demolitions were carried out on one afternoon as a punishment for the battle which took place nearby on September 3.

1939 KPM Gazetted

1939 Jan 2. Palestine Gazette Extraordinary, No.583 'For Gallantry on 11th October 1938, during an engagement against armed men on the Jerusalem-Hebron road'. Thomas John Bamford joined the Palestine Police Force on 14th May 1937 after serving in the Irish Guards. He saw service in the Northern Frontier Division commanded by Deputy District Superintendent C.V.S.Tesseyman, D.C.M., K.P.M. He was in a Section consisting of a British Sergeant in charge with three British Constables, two Arab Constables and two Jewish Constables. They were equipped with an open Ford pick-up in the rear of which there was a mounting for a Lewis gun. The men were in action almost daily against smugglers and hill gangs trying to infiltrate from Syria and Lebanon. While smaller gangs of men were intent on fleeing in the other direction after murdering policemen or soldiers in some skirmish elsewhere in Palestine: hoping to lie low until things quietened for them. All these types of criminals when sighted, were engaged by vigilant patrols and many acts of gallantry can testify to the effectiveness of the Division. They became known as 'Tessy's Frontiersmen' and from the summer of 1938 to the summer of 1939 the Division collected a fine batch of decorations for gallantry. The frontier life continued in this fashion until World War II was declared when the Arab Rebellion petered out. In 1940 the Division was disbanded and the personnel absorbed into other areas of the force. But ex-frontiersmen could always be seen to hold their heads high: they were a sort of inner clique within an already exclusive corps. To live and survive on the Northern Frontier from 1937 to 1940 earned them that privilege. By mid 1944 he was the most senior British Head Constable in the newly formed Police Mobile Force (P.M.F.).

1944 Feb 8. Birth registered of his daughter Mary in Gaza

1948 Sep 25. General Service Medal for service in Palestine. 28 Mar 1922 to 27 Nov 1946

1952 Feb 25. I cannot work out if his Lt.Col is correct or not. It may be a local "Lt.Col" in that he was a Superintendent in Palestine Police

1949 to 1980 on Australian Electoral Rolls in New South Wales

1980 Electoral Roll. At 4 Griffiths St, Fairlight NW 2094 With Nell Culmer Tesseyman

1983 Died Sydney Ancestry tree