Mossop Tomlinson, Border Reg

1893 Mar 15. Born Egremont, Whitehaven, Cumberland.

1901 census at Egremont, Whitehaven, Cumberland, England

1911 census at Egremont, Whitehaven, Cumberland, England

1917 Aug 28 Commissioned 2nd Lt

1919 Mar 1. Promoted Lt

1921 Nov 22 Joined ADRIC with service no 2183. Posted to Depot

1922 Jan. Appears to have still been serving at demobilisation of ADRIC

1922 Mar 29. Joined the British Gendarmerie section of the Palestine Police as a Sergeant

1924 Leaves UK for Palestine. He is an "official" and travels 1st class

1926 Married KATHLEEN MARY C ASHBURNER (1904–2002) at Ipswich

1929 Leaves UK for Palestine

1931 Leaves UK for Palestine with wife Kathleen Mary and son Paul. Travel 2nd class

1933 Leaves UK for Palestine

1935 Leaves UK for Palestine

1937 Jul 2. Arrives UK from Palestine. Civil Servant with wife and son

1938 There seemed to be problem getting anyone to take over the Palestine Boy Scouts Association, Finally MossopTomlinson, agreed to take the position solely on the condition that he would receive a grade promotion and an increase in pay.

1939 Leaves UK for Palestine

1946 Leaves UK for Palestine. Colonial Official. Travels 1st class and alone

1966 Feb 12. Died Manchester aged 72