Joseph Charles John Toomer


1891 Apr 5. Born Wells, Somerset

1901 census at Wells, Somerset

1911 census on Wells , Somerset

1914 Apr 7. Becomes a prison warder

1917 Aug 29. Commissioned 2nd Lt

1919 Mar 1. Promoted Lt

1918 Feb 2. Taken POW

1918 Dec 25 Repatriated to UK

1921 Dec 23. Gazetted out of army as Lt

1921 Apr 14. Joined ADRIC with service no 1896. Posted to R Coy

1921 May 14 Posted to P Coy

Fined 10/-

Fined 3 days pay

1921 Oct 1. Posted to Depot

1921 Oct 1. Admitted to Stevens Hospital

1921 Nov 11. "Non effective" He does not seem to have actually been discharged. But no other leave book entry after this.

1922 Feb 17 (sic) Dismissed unfit

1922 Feb 23. Hansard. Lieut. - Colonel ARCHER - SHEE asked the Chief Secretary if he will inquire into the case of Mr. J. C. J. Toomer, at present at Dr. Steeven's Hospital, Dublin; whether he is aware that this auxiliary cadet was sent to hospital suffering from the effect of severe chill and lumbago on the 1st October; that from the 11th December his pay was stopped, and, in addition, since the 13th January, a sum of 7s. a day has been charged against him as hospital fees; that his separation allowance has also been stopped; that, although having a wife and family, he is entitled to exemption from Income Tax, the sum of £19 10s. has been deducted from his pay for the same, and that in all, including the deduction for Income Tax and hospital fees, a sum of £64 17s. has been deducted from his arrears; that this man was demobilised whilst ill in hospital; that he alleges that the board of investigation found that his illness was due to service and comes under the Royal Irish Constabulary code, injuries received on duty; and what steps he proposes to take to adjust this matter? § Sir H. GREENWOOD I am obliged to my hon. and gallant Friend for bringing this case to my notice, and am having immediate inquiry made.

1923 Feb 5. Appointed an Accounting Officer in Wells

1935 Flirts with local politics

1938 Must have been elected, as he appears under "who's who in the election2

1939 Register. Living with wife Jeanie at 16 Mary Road , Wells M.B., Somerset. He is a Labour Exchange Manager. He was a reserve officer - Lancashire Fusiliers

1967 Died Wells , Somerset