William James Edward Tudor RFA

1884 Sep 30. Born Weymouth, Dorset. His father was in the Cheshire Regt, and it is registered as an army birth

1896 May 4. Enlists in Cheshire Regt as a 14 year old boy soldier

1899 Sep 12. Transfers to RFA. QSA. Trumpeter

1901 in South Africa with 17th Battery RFA

1911 census at Chester Cottage High St Rhyl

1912 Married in India

1915 Nov 19. Commissioned 2nd Lt

1920 Jan 16 Gazetted Order of the Lion (Persia) 3rd class

1920 Sep 25. Left UK for USA. He is an Electrician

1921 Nov 28. Joined ADRIC with service no 2192. Posted to O Coy

1922 Jan 16. Serve until demobilization of ADRIC

1934 Jan/Mar. Died Liverpool.