Lieut. Charles Edgar Vickers, MM, Royal Fusiliers

C E Vickers in centre of front seat - Amiens St Station, Dublin. Later in life

1887 Mar 9. Born Kennington, Lambeth,

1889 May 5. Baptised

1891 census at Mile End Old Town

1901 census at

1903 Oct 31 Enlisted in Kings Own Yorks Light Infantry. Adding 2 years onto his age.

1903 Nov 23. Discharged because of mis-statement of age on enlistment

1907 Sep 14. Enlisted in Somerset Light Infantry. He is a shoemaker

1908 Oct 31. Buys himself out of army on payment of £18

1910 Jun 1. Married at Mile End Old Town, London to Julia Lipman. He was the manager of an Electric Theatre

1911 census at 26 Bloomfield Rd, Bow E (same on MIC and ADRIC). This is his mother-in-law's house, he had married Julia Lipman

1916 Feb Landed in France

1916 Aug 8. MM gazetted - 129129 Sjt. C. E. Vickers, R.E. I recall it was awarded when a gas canister landed in his trench and he carried it to no man’s land and pumped some shots into it, thereby saving the men in his trench." The medal engraved 129129 SJT. C. E. VICKERS 4 / SPEC BDE. R.E. is still in the family

1917 Aug 29 Gazetted 2nd Lt in Royal Fusiliers

1919 Feb 1. Promoted Lt. C E Vickers MM

1920 Sep 14. Joined ADRIC with service no . No.559.  Posted to I Coy. Section Leader. Wife at 26 Bloomfield Rd, Burdelt Road, London E3

1920 Oct 30 Promoted Platoon Commander. His platoon appears to have been used for PR Photos on a number of occasions

All the PR photos of him and his Platoon were therefore taken over a 10 week period when he was a DI.3

1920 Nov 12. The staging of the "battle of Vico Road" was done with his platoon

1920 Dec 16 Raid on a house in Ranelagh Road, where he was accused of stealing property.

1921 Jan 3 Leads a raid

1921 Jan 4 Mrs Ceannt sends letter to Dublin Castle. The letter cannot be found in the files

1921 Jan 11. Mrs Ceannt's letter reaches ADRIC, and they appear to take immediate action..

1921 Jan 12. Vickers reverts to T/Cadet and No 3 Platoon is broken up . Only T/C O'Shea remains in I Coy

1921 Feb 23. WP Gill Commanding I Coy, sends a memo to Adjutant ADRIC outlining what happened during the raid. (see Dec 16 raid above)

1921 Apr 2. Dist-Inspector,Charles Vickers, courtmartialed for " Larceny and Receiving" Found Not Guilty. Mrs Ceannt was the widow of Eamonn Ceannt who was shot by the British following the Easter Rising in 1916 - it is impossib;le to say what bearing this had on the case. The Court Martial says that a music case was found in Vicars' lodgings. Mrs Ceannt does not appear to have included it on the list of missing items, but did identify it as hers when she was shown it. You can argue that she would identify it as hers wouldn't she, or equally well that she could not be aware of all the small things that might have been stolen on a raid. What one can say is that the ADRIC do not appear to have returned him to rank of DI3 and he leaves ADRIC 2 months later

1921 Jun 4. Posted to Depot Coy.

1921 Jun 17. "Resignation accepted on compassionate grounds"

"When the second world war started he tried to re-enlist but was deemed too old; however, he was promoted to Captain and put in charge of a munitions factory in Wellingborough (this is clear evidence that he had no stain on his character)."

1939 Living in 26 Bede Road , Stepney, London with Julie Vickers. He was a Sales Manager Rubber Products Manufacturer (Retired)

He returned to London in 1941, joined the Brewery, and thus began the career in the East End pubs. From what everyone can remember, he and his wife Julia ran various pubs in the East End of London for the rest of his working career, which was a common thread with many others in the family.

Publican in Blackfriars; Fulham; Three Rabbits, Romford Road; and Queens Head, Stratford.

Three Rabbits

1943 Nov 12. The license of the Kings Arms, New Kings Rd, Fulham is transferred to him as resident manager

1970 Nov 10. Died Brighton


WO 339/103492