Lt. John St Leger Bunnett Vignoles, Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry

1889 Dec 7. Born John Leslie St Leger Bunnett at Hampstead. London

1891 census at 11, Kingdon Road, Hampstead

1901 census shows him a boarder at Shorne College, Marston, Bucks

1911 census at Holdhurst Farm, Cranleigh, Surrey as of "private means" aged 21 and a "boarder"

1915 Jan 28. The undermentioned temporary Second Lieutenants to be temporary Second Lieutenants. Leslie J. St. L. Bunnett, from a Reserve Battalion.

1915 Aug 14. Yorks. L.I. Temp. Lt. L. J. St. L. Bunnett, from a Garr. Bn., W. York. R., to be temp. Lt. with seniority 14 Aug. 1915.

It is believed that he was injured in the war and only had partial use of his left hand.

1919 Aug 7. Changes his name to Vignoles - this was his mother's maiden name

1920 Mar 10. Lt J St L B Vignoles, Yorks L I relinquishes his commission on completion of service and retains the rank of Lt.

1921 Mar 22. Joined ADRIC . Posted to 'G' Company. Auxiliary number 1861, RIC number 82681. He is noted as working " with G company Aux. Division to write special articles. If he proves competent he will be given more work". He then worked under Menzies in Basil Clarkes PIB together with Dowdall

1922 Jan 19. Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1923 Jan/Mar Married at Steyning, Sussex to Kathleen A Freeman. He had three children, Reginald, Patricia (b.1927) and Deirdre.  By prior arrangement, on the death of his wife, Reginald and Patricia were adopted by friends of their mother, a Mr and Mrs. Dix who lived in Dublin.  Mrs. Dix also known as Una Bean Ui Dhiosca was active in the Gaelic revival and was one of the few women who wrote and were published in the Irish language.  She was also a Pacifist. Deirdre was adopted by her mother's half sister and brought up in India.  She now lives In Florida.

1925 son born Reginald John Vernon Vignoles (died 2007) at Newton Abbott in Devon

1929 Born a daughter Diedre M Vignoles at Bath

1929/1930 He gave a number of these lectures . He was not, as he claimed, an Irishman

1931 His wife Kathleen died in Bath

1935 Apr/Jun Married at Holborn, London to Florence F R Ryan. There do not appear to be any children of this marriage

1937 Rambler‘s dress, particularly for women, was a frequent concern in pre-war rambling circles. Writing on the subject of dress in the 1933 Midland Federation Handbook, John St.-L. B. Vignoles said that:
The Editor has asked me to write a few words, for the new edition of the Handbook, on Hiking Dress‘. Probably much of the blame rests on the unfortunate choice of that word "Rambler‘! To me, it suggests something of a straggling nature—which is exactly what many of the rambles‘ of the City clubs amount to, a dawdling stroll, by the shortest and straightest road, to the nearest tea-shop! Thin, high-heeled shoes, silk stockings, and all the things that go with them, are ill adapted even to a walk of this kind. On more than one occasion I‘ve seen a goodly proportion of members meeting at Snow Hill looking as though they were going to a tea-dance at Tony‘s where, admittedly, they would have looked charming!

1938 Dec. Decree Nisi of his marriage to Florence Ryan in Times

 John Vignoles was running a repertory theatre company in Barnstaple and his son Reginald joined him there for maybe a year or two.  John Vignoles had a varied career and was at one time Aide de Camp to the Governor of Malta, an Editor of a newspaper in Bath/Bristol.  He also worked as a Clerk in the Admiralty (probably 1964).  He also had links with Scotland (Crookshank?) and used to hill walk in the Highlands.

1939 Jan/Mar married at Croydon, Surrey to Joyce M Heather (died 1969).

1939 Register. Living at Hill View Entry Hill , Bath C.B., Somerset, He is a Civil Servant Admiralty

1966 Oct/Dec died Hampstead, London