C Waller

His signature at Webb's Court Martial in 1921 and 10 years before in 1911 census - I believe it is the same man

Charles Waller RFA was a Capt and only one in LG, Christopher Waller was a Capt in KOSB ( in WO338, but not in LG). Charles Waller appears not to be our C Waller as he served during the Coal Strike in early 1921 when the man we are seeking was Coy Commander of Depot Coy. There is a Capt Frederick Claude Waller in KSOB. However I think the DI1 was Otway Waller born Caesar James Loftus Otway - his son's biography paints Otway Waller as a Nationalist, but the biography is deeply flawed in its rendering of fact's in its efforts to prove Otway Waller a "true Irishman"

1920 Dec 17. Joined ADRIC with service no 1279. In command of Depot Coy (effective 21 Dec 1920 and with grading of DI1 )

1921 Jul 2. Relinquished Command of Depot Coy

1921 Jul 4. Was discharged medically unfit (not due to ADRIC service). He was on medical leave (without pay or allowances) from 4 Jul 1921 to 13 Sep 1921 and the termination to 4th Jul seems to have been backdated.