Henry Ware, Devon


Need more information to get at his background


1919 Feb 14. Manch. R. , 22nd Bn.— Lt. H. Ware - CR. 1st Devon. Yeo., T.F.) to be actg. Capt. while comdg. a Co., 14 Feb. 1919 to 27 Mar. 19

1921 Sep 30 Gazetted out of Army as Captain

1921 Mar 14. Joined ADRIC with service no 1832 . Posted to A Coy

He was with JL French on the mission that resulted in French being captured and killed. .JL French and H Ware went out on a mission. French was captured and Ware escaped. News was given to R Kirke, Intelligence Offer, in Aug 1921 by the IRA Liaison Officer, that French had been killed by the IRA.

Fined £2 by Coy Commander

1922 Jan Appears to have served until demobilisation of ADRIC