Capt Frederick James Welsh (or Welch or Walsh) in Welsh Regt

Welsh Regiment, but I cannot get a MIC nor a WO338 entry. The Alphabetic roll gives "F J Welch". I cannot find the normal RIC entry which is odd.

Tried with King for murder of James Murphy on Feb 9 1921

1920 Oct 8 Joins ADRIC with no 673 (says Welsh Regt). Posted to F Coy

1921 Feb 14 to 16 Apr He was suspended. The prisoners were murdered on 9th Feb, and charges against him were dropped on 13th Apr (see newspaper articles)

1922 Jan 17 Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC


I would tend to go with the Times rendering of "Welsh" as they usually double-checked facts like that. In addition the arrest document shows him as F J Welsh

P.W. Vols.—Lt. F. J. Walsh is seed, for service under the Colonial Office. 7th Sept. 1922.

P.W. Vols.—The undermentioned to be Lts. 9th Sept. 1922: . Lt. F. J. Walsh, from R. Ir. Regt., with seniority 20th Dec. 1920.

There is also a F J Welsh in the RAF.Record His record just states: F J Welsh ,181539, RAF Records O/C, 7-1-19 Transferred to Class G RAF Reserve. 181539 (a service number Date May-Oct 1918 RAF) Manner of joining the service - Cadets

In fact 181539 is the entry for Francis Joseph Walsh, who is listed as a cadet so could have got a commission on discharge, but I feel is too far from the established facts