Capt. Yeamans Ramsay Douglas Wigan

1916 photo of 1st Garrison Btn R Warwickshire Regt

1891 Apr 7. Born Portsea Island, Hampshire

1911 census at Undercombe Wendover, Bucks

1911 Oct 28 Commissioned 2nd Lt in Reserve of Officers

1914 Aug 2. Landed in France

1914 Dec 9 Promoted Lt

1915 Dec 1. Promoted Capt in R Berks Regt

1915 Dec 27. Transferred as Capt in a Garrison Battalion of R Warwickshire Regt

1918 Jan 29 Married Helena "Lena" Cooper (1886–1983)

1920 Aug 31. Joined ADRIC with service no 454. Posted to K Coy

1920 Oct 22. Promoted Section Leader

1920 Nov 28. Promoted Platoon Commander

1920 Dec 11. His movements on the night of the Burning of Cork can be gleaned from Strickland Enquiry evidence which makes a number of references to him

1921 Mar 21 to 1 Apr on Leave

1921 Mar 26. Posted to Depot

1921 Apr 4 to 15 Apr on Leave

1921 Apr 16. Posted to R Coy

1921 Apr 30. Posted to Depot and Appointed PRI (I don't know what PRI is). He appears to still be a Platoon Commander in R Coy, with his job as Platoon Commander presumably being done by his successor AE Winn

1921 Jul 2. Relinquishes appointment of PRI

1921 Aug 26. Permanent Cadet in RIC. Struck off ADRIC strength.

1922 Mar 30. Pensoned from RIC

1922 Mar 30 Joins Palestine Gendarmerie as a Captain

1926 Apr 7. R. Berks Regt.— Capt. Y. R. D. Wigan relinquishes his commn., and retains the rank of Capt.

1927 Jun 27 Arrived in UK from Arabia. He is a Major in RARC

1927 Aug 19. Leaves UK for Trans Jordan he is a Capt in HMA. 2nd class with wife and 2 children

1929 Jul 27. Arrives in UK from Trans Jordan. Army Major

1931 Jun 13. Arrives UK from Palestine. Army. 1st Class

1935 Jul 15. Arrived UK from Trans Jordan. An Army Officer traveling 1st Class with his wife Helena

1935 Sep 27. Leaves UK for Egypt. Army, 2nd class

1938 Jan 15. Leaves UK for Egypt. Major, travelling with his family

1939 May 30. R. Berks R.~ Capt. Y. R. D. Wigan resigns his commn.

1941 Dec 16 Commissioned Y. R. D. WIGAN (76935).

1946 May 1. Appointed to RAF commission as Flying Officer

1971 Apr 26. Died Tonbridge, Kent