Fergus Scott Hurd Wood , QSA

A noted Garden Sculptor who in 1923 had not produced a design for 10 years. In fact his sculptures seem all to be pre 1914.

1872 Dec 17. Born Dunmow, Essex. He took 3 years off his age when he joined RIC .

1891 census at Leatherhead

1900 Jan 21. Enlisted in Imperial Yeomanry

1900 Mar 16 to 1 Jun 1901 in South Africa

1901 Jun 9. Discharged in UK

1901 Aug 6. He was a Private in the Imperial Yeomanry Wounded at Elands River Post Unit:. Private 13038 in the 51 Company (Private Paget's Horse) 19 battalion Imperial Yeomanry. Awarded the Queen's South Africa (QSA) Medal Clasps: Cape Colony, Transvaal, South Africa 1901

JB Hayward & Sons Gazetteer: a farm on the Elands River in the South African Republic. Lt-Col C.O. Hore with a force of 197 Rhodesian volunteers and 307 Australians established a garrison here (sometimes referred to as Elands River Post) after the siege of Mafikeng was lifted to keep open communications between Rustenburg* and Zeerust* and Mafikeng. On 28 July 1900 orders were given for the garrison to be withdrawn and Lt-Gen Sir F. Carrington to cover Hore's retirement. However, a commando under Asst Cmdt-Gen J.H. de la Rey arrived before Carrington and laid siege to the camp from 4 August. Early attempts by Carrington and Maj-Gen R.S.S. Baden-Powell to relieve the siege proved abortive, but it was lifted after 11 days when de la Rey retired in the face of a relief column headed by Lt-Gen Lord Kitchener. This action is also referred to as that of the Elands River (HMG III and Wilson III). In September 1901 during an attempt to surround the commandos under Veg-Gen J.C.G. Kemp, a column commanded by Lt-Gen Lord Methuen was located on this farm.

1911 census at Whitmead Sanatorium, Tilford Farnham, Surrey

1913 Exhibited at The White Arm Exhibitions, Meetings, Awards and other Events Exhibited at The Autumn Exhibition of The International Society of Sculptors, Painters and Gravers (Fifteenth London Exhibition). The National Trust have a sculpture he did of Edward Carson in 1913.

1914 Oct 10 Landed in France

1915 Aug 16. Commissioned 2nd Lt in Yorkshire Regt

1916 Apr 10. Transferred to MGC

1917 Mar 1. Promoted temp Lt in MGC

1920 Aug 20 Joined ADRIC with service no 319. Posted to C Coy.

1920 Nov 9. Promoted Section Leader

1921 Jan 19. Reverted to T/Cadet

He is in the ADRIC Leave Book in O Coy (difficult to be sure of O or C) but I think he was in C all through

1921 Feb 25 to 15 Mar on Leave

1921 Jun 9 to 24 Jun On Leave

1921 Jul 29 to 26 Aug on Leave

1921 Sep 10 Admitted Stevens Hospital

1921 Sep 13.Discharged from Stevens Hospital

1921 Sep 20 to 5 Oct 1921 Medical Leave

1922 Jan 13. Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1931 Apr/Jun married in Cranbrook, Kent to Edith Marion Cran

1936 Jan/Mar Died in Cranbrook, Kent age 64

1936 Died Cranbrook, Kent

1942 His widow died.


WO 339/39130