Brunswick Street Raid - 14 Mar 1921

1921 Mar 14. A group of 2 Crossley tenders (with a total of 16 ADRIC) and an armoured car (with 3 officers and 3 men of the Tank Corps)went to raid St Andrew's Catholic Club on Brunswick St (now Pearse St) in Dublin. Thomas Traynor was captured and later executed

The Dublin castle version says 16 Auxiliaries in an Armoured car and 2 tenders. were on a raid of 144 Great Brunswick St. The inquest report gives a fairly full account of what happened from the British perspective. There seems to have been at least 2 army officers Lt C F Weber, 3rd Tank Battalion, who was riding on the back of the armoured car (DI2 Crang was also with him on the back of the Armoured Car) and Lt Fryer

The convoy had just passed the junction with Sandwich St, and the first tender was just pulling up in front of the club, when they were ambushed. 5 Auxiliaries in the first tender were wounded

The non ADRIC casualties were

1921 Apr 5. Traynor was tried - Trial Report by British and Witness Statement by Traynor's Solicitor

Thomas Traynor was tried and hanged for his part in the ambush