Peter Clancy, ex-RIC

1879 Jul/Dec born Oughterard

1901 census This seems to be his family at Farravaun, Letterfore, Galway. There is a Patrick Clancy, age 30, born Oughterard, a clerk living at Gorhams Ironmongers Store, Market St, Clifden

1911 census with his brother James Clancy at Maghera More, Oughterard, Galway

It is difficult to be 100% sure of the Clancy family without local knowledge, but I am fairly sure that it is

1921 Mar 16. The IRA in Galway ambushed a 4 man RIC patrol in Clifden. Two RIC constables were killed. The IRA flying column of the West Galway (Connemara) Brigade was led by Peter (Petie) Joe McDonnell. It retreated to the Maam valley, where they ambushed British reinforcements at Munterowan and Screebe.

1921 Mar 17 In the early hours of the morning the Crown Forces burned 16 buildings in Clifden in reprisal for the attacks. They killed John Joe McDonnell and badly wounded Peter Clancy

1921 Apr 7. Henry makes a House of Commons statement saying " Another man named Peter Clancy, pensioner from the Royal Irish Constabulary, was wounded by a stray bullet." And Lieut.-Commander Kenworthy asks " Is the right hon. Gentleman aware that the inhabitants of Clifden, who are not Sinn Feiners, deny the statement that any fire was opened, and state further that Clancy the ex-constable was put up against a wall, and shot? " Kenworthy did not get a government reply to this question


1921 Oct 22. The doctors inquest report suggests that "the ex-constable was put up against a wall, and shot" is closer to the truth than "wounded by a stray bullet." Clancy had received 3 bullets to the head, one through his throat, a second through the lower jaw, and a third through his mouth. All wounds were inflicted by revolvers fired at close range.


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