Crozier's Car Crash - 23 Nov 1920

1920 Nov 22. Crozier left Dublin to go to Galway to look into the problems of violence that had occurred with D Coy. The result was that he sacked Coy Commander Nicol .

1920 Nov 23. He appears to have overnighted at Galway, then gone on to Dublin via Killaloe where G Coy were based. The Crossley tender in which Crozier was travelling took a bend too quickly near Naas and crashed. Crozier was trapped under the tender, rendered unconscious and broke an arm. His escort was also thrown out, two were injured but none appear to have been as badly injured as Crozier.

It is unclear what happened the. His pistol and briefcase with the papers pertaining to his visit to Galway and Killaloe appear to have vanished. Crozier ended up in Curragh Military Hospital (which was only 10 km back along the road) for a month, and was transferred to a Nursing Home. So his deputy, Wood, had to deal with the aftermath of Bloody Sunday, Kilmichael, Dillons Cross, the Burning of Cork. By mid January 1921, Wood asked Crozier to return to duty immediately and not to take the 2 months recovery that the doctors had recommended

1920 Dec 16. London Times reported "General Crozier, who was badly hurt some weeks ago, when his motor car came into collision with an obstruction placed across the road, is now approaching complete recovery. He is being nursed in the Curragh Hospital"

1920 Dec 29. Irish Times reported.. Brigadier General Crozier, Commanding Officer of the Auxiliary Division, Royal Irish Constabulary, who in November 1920, was injured in a vehicle accident, together with his escort, by being thrown from a Crossley Tender at Naas, on the night of November the 23rd 1920.  The accident was due to human error on the part of the driver, who was driving on a dark road at night. They were on their way to Dublin having left Killaloe, Co. Clare, earlier that day.  He is now approaching convalescence and will be shortly moved from the Military Hospital at the Curragh to a rest home in Dublin.   The seven remaining members of the party, including Lieutenant R.L. Arnold, Orderly Officer, all of whom were also admitted to hospital, have been discharged from hospital and are on sick leave.     Brigadier General Crozier sustained a concussion, a fractured arm, severe scalp wound and bruised side and arm. The remainder were not quite so badly injured.

The Orderly Officer is almost certainly RE Arnold who was a DI3 at ADRIC HQ. He reported back for duty after a month on 23 Dec 1920, but was not fully fit and was given another 10 days sick leave

1921 Jan 10 Crozier returns to duty and resumes command of ADRIC

1921 Jan 22. Sir Harmer Greenwood addresses ADRIC at Beggars Bush Barracks. Crozier was back on duty by now and escorted Greenwood

1921 Feb 19 "permitted to Resign" - note that the original entry was 27 Feb, but has been altered to 19 Feb. 19 Feb was the date of his letter to Tudor says that he proposed to resign at the end of his leave (presumably 27 Feb)


Before he resigned he had been boarded by an R.I.C.Medical Board for compensation assessment for the injuries he received in the accident, he was examined by Sir William Wheeler, who assessed the damage at £1,500. I have not found a court case confirming this. Crozier eventually received £250 of his claim was eventually for £1250. Since he was bankrupt at the time the money was used to help pay off his creditors.

1921 Mar 5. He does not appear to have fully recovered

1921 Mar 8. Irish Independent reports Crozier returned to Dublin to continue his hospital treatment