Dublin Fire Brigade Raid - 9 Jan 1921


A question is asked in Parliament as to whether Auxiliaries raided Dublin Fire Brigade at Pembroke Station. And whether the Auxiliaries again visited the fire station to get retribution against the firemen who reported the first raid. And that they then held up two DMP men and took their weapons. And were eventually captured by their own Commanding Officer.

The ADRIC enquiry substantiated that the events of 9 Jan 1921 had taken place. And that disciplinary action had been taken against the ADRIC men concerned

1921 Jun 9. A further question was asked in Parliament

Mr. KILEY asked the Chief Secretary whether he has yet received further report regarding the charges against two cadets stated by General Crozier to have been arrested in connection with alleged intimidation at the fire brigade station at Ballsbridge, Dublin?

Sir H. GREENWOOD As stated by my right hon. and learned Friend the Attorney-General on 14th April and 21st April, in reply to questions on this subject, the allegation that intimidation was used towards members of the Pembroke (Ballsbridge) fire brigade on 15th January by certain cadets of the Auxiliary Division was fully inquired into, but was not substantiated. No evidence in support of these allegations has been forthcoming since that date.