Riordens Pub Broadford, Co Limerick , Shooting 26 Nov 1920 of Mortimer Duggan

Death of Mortimer Duggan; 26th November, 1920; Broadford, County Limerick. He was a National School teacher and The West Limerick Brigade Roll of Honour shows that he was a member of the IRA. "Volunteer Mortimer Duggan,N.T.: born at Broadford1892. Educated at BroadfordNational Schooland St. Patrick's.Training College,Dromcondra. He wasa Gaelic scholar. In July 1912he was appointed assistant teacherin his native BroadfordN.S. He joined the Volunteers in 1915 and servedwith B. Co.,3rdBatt. until he was shot to death by Crown Forces in Broadford on Nov. 26, 1920. A brave and learned Volunteer"

A detachment from B Coy raided Riordens Pub in Broadford. Duggan was one of 8 men who fled when the raiding party arrived. They were called on to halt, but carried on running. Duggan was hit just as he reached a fence bounding O'Sullivan's field about 100 yards from the pub. A single bullet hit him, going through his heart and he died instantly. His body was not found by the Auxiliaries, but by his own brother who later came looking for him

The IRA apparently belived that they had been betrayed by Patrick Edward Conway ( b 6 Feb 1904 & joined DMP 7 Dec 1920) who left the village two weeks later to join DMP). Conway was only 16 at the time, and it was unusual to be accepted into DMP at that age

Evidence to the inquiry by T/C SH Deane and T/Constable SWJ Alexander (Drivers & Vets)