Death of Sarah Fitzpatrick (stage name Connie Curzon)

A strange tale in which Sarah Fitzpatrick died. She used a stage name of Connie Curzon, and was buried as Mrs MacGrath - her husband was said to have died in tragic circumstances about 2 years previously

Sarah Fitzpatrick (known locally by her stage name of Connie ) was lodging with Alba Lena and her family. Alba Lena was also on stage with Sarah Fitzpatrick at the Empire Theatre, Dublin that night) Sarah, Alba, and two other women met 4 ADRIC outside the theatre and went drinking with them around 9.20pm. They started at O'Brien's Pub, and went on to Healy's Pub - they eventually left Healy's about 11pm. Another "pair" that night was T/C DF McClean and Alba Lena and both gave evidence. Alba had a sister Mona Lena who also gave evidence.

At a point in Healy's DI3 AJ Purchase arrived, and appears to have warned off the ADRIC with Connie, and taken over as her escort. They left Healy's around 11. Between 11 and 11.30 Sarah was stopped by T/C CE Crabbe and Sgt Williams of DMP. 2 shots were fired by Purchase's revolver between 11 and 11.30. One hit Sarah. Sarah was admitted dead to Mercers Hospital about 11.55pm

1897 Born (from GRO death)

1921 Feb 3. Sarah Fitzgerald died

1921 Feb 5, Inquiry into her death.


1921 Feb 8 Funeral


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