Henry Guy shot in Sutton, Dublin - 6 Mar 1921

Henry Guy was shot by an ADRIC patrol from I Coy of 2 Crossley Tenders. The incident happened along the seafront at Sutton. Patrol under Section Leader SJ Harding




Note the 9th Witess' statement has not been included in TNA papers. He was the man in charge of the patrol1

A question was raised in Parliament. Hansard reports HC Deb 21 April 1921 vol 140 cc2038-40 2038

§ 12. Lieut.-Commander KENWORTHY asked the Chief Secretary whether he has received a report of the shooting and killing of Henry Guy, an ex-soldier, who served nearly all through the last War, and the shooting and wounding of two children named Joseph Arnold and Robert Magee, aged 14 and 15, respectively, by auxiliary police on the afternoon of 6th March; whether this man and the children were in a football held at Saxe Lane, Sutton Cross, County Dublin, when they were fired on; whether any compensation will be paid to the relatives; and, if so, by whom?

§ Mr. HENRY The finding of the Court of Inquiry in lieu of inquest in the case of Henry Guy was that his death was caused by gunshot wounds inflicted by members of the auxiliary police, who fired in the execution of their duty. According to the police reports the deceased was one of a crowd of men who were collected in a field at Sutton off the main road from Dublin to Howth, about 3.30 p.m. on the 6th ultimo. A patrol of auxiliaries in a motor tender while proceeding along the road observed the crowd and called upon them to halt and hold up their hands. Instead of complying with the order the crowd attempted to disperse, and the auxiliaries thereupon fired, killing Guy and wounding two boys aged 15 and 16 respectively. It was subsequently found that the crowd was unarmed, and the consequences of the shooting, which was considered by the Court of Inquiry to have been justifiable in the circumstances, having regard to the constantly repeated 2040 attacks upon Crown forces in Dublin, are much regretted. The question of making some compensation to the mother of Henry Guy is under consideration.

§ Lieut.-Commander KENWORTHY Is the right hon. Gentleman aware that the field where this tragedy occurred "had been lent for the purpose of football by a naval officer who has property in the neighbourhood, and does the right hon. Gentleman really maintain that these forces are justified in firing at football crowds under these circumstances?

§ Mr. HENRY It is extremely rare that a crowd of that kind would assemble without attack being made on the forces of the Crown.

§ Lieut.-Commander KENWORTHY May I press for an answer? Is the right hon. Gentleman aware that this field, through the benevolence of this naval officer, has been used for years for football by young men in the neighbourhood and that they always gathered there?

§ Mr. HENRY I am not able to say anything as to the use of the field for years.

§ Captain REDMOND Has the Attorney-General ever been to a football match?

§ Mr. HENRY I am afraid I have not?

§ Captain REDMOND You know nothing about it?


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