Carl Johansen shot 1 Dec 1920


" Carl Jolinson, Norwegian sailor, mortally wounded by auxiliary police who opened indiscriminate fire on the quays in Cork city. " in the Struggle of the Irish People .. Edinburgh Evening news of 3 Dec 1920 has "A Norwegian sailor, Carl Johansen, who was shot in Cork on Wednesday, died yesterday". The British Military Inquiry (above) has him as Carl Johansen.

There was general unrest in Cork that night and the Fire Brigade need an escort to fight the fires. As far as I can see nobody has any idea on how this Norwegian seaman actually came to be shot on a Cork street at 4am.

Born circa 1896 and died 2 Dec 1920 having been shot a few hours earlier. He had been paid off and had left the ship SSTonair on 30 Nov, so he had left the ship some 36 hours before he was shot.

There is nothing to link his death to the ADRIC apart from the "Struggle of the Irish people" document which offers no substantiation

The British Court of Inquiry records show

1920 Dec 2. Died at South Infirmery Cork

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