Kilkenny Post Office Raid

1920 Sep 11. Raid on mail bags in Kilkenny Post office. At 2.30 a.m., in the middle of the night, the mail van taking mail from the railway station to Kilkenny Post Office was held up by armed and masked men at the post office yard. The driver was "beaten, tied and gagged" and the postman and clerk waiting to received the mail were also bound and gagged. The mail car was later recovered, some of the bags were returned and some just dumped in a river.

The raid appears to have been carried out by a group of ADRIC men from Woodstock House. The pretended to be IRA men and stole the mail bags. Crozier later claimed that he had not authorised the raid nor had Kirkwood, then CO of A Coy. Bruce in one of his appeals said "I believe that Mr Tottenham had worked on the fears of the authorities by saying that I had told him that "it seemed a damned dirty game" when I found him writing "Censored by IRA" on the envelopes [picked up in Kilkenny mail train robbery by Auxiliaries] and his pointing out that I left the force a few days later and was the only person outside the force who knew the story of the raid. Now it is rumoured that a large sum of money, between £700 and £1100 was missing when the mailbags were returned and I knew in whose hands they were in from the time the seals were broken until they were returned" Crozier was later to claim that this raid was not sanctioned by either him nor the A Coy commander, Col Kirkwood. A party of ADRIC disguised themselves as IRA Volunteers, bound and gagged the sorters, and took the mail bags back to A Coy base at Innistiogue for examination. An unknown amount of money appears to have ben stolen and some mail returned and some dumped in a river. Leeson in "Black & Tans" notes that Tottenham was ADRIC Chief Intelligence Officer at that time - he appears to me to be more IO of A Coy on that date. Bruce carried out the Creamery raid on 10 Oct 1920, so the mail raid must have been before this.