Charles Henry Cornes

Son in Law of Horace McNeil who was murdered by the IRA in London. Oddly he joined RIC as Madle and changed his name to Cornes in 1921 while in RIC. Born India 12 May 1898. Married 3 Jan 1921 Joined 7 Jan 1921, changed name 24 Feb 1921, RIC Motor Transport.

His mother had died when he was 9 months old, and he appears to have been adopted by the Madles , who had no children. I think he must have been told of his real name when he became 21, and changed from Madle to Cornes


1898 May 12. Born Charles Henry Cornes at Jubbulpore, Bengal, India. Son of Amos Randolph & Lavinia Cornes - Amos Cornes was a British soldier in India

1899 Feb 3 His mother Lavinia died in India

Charles Henry´s birth was registered as Charles Madle in Overseas GRO. His biological father had been left with three children when his wife Lavinia Cornes died. He continued to look after the older two, but must have given the youngest Charles for adoption to the Madles


1901 census at Army Barracks at Woolwich. He is now Charles Cornes Madle, son of David & Elizabeth Madle

His biological father Amos Cornes is still in the army in UK, where he still has his other 2 children in barracks with him

1903 His father Amos Cornes died. He left his money to his 3 orphaned children inc Charles H


1911 census at 13 Caxton Road, Shepherds Bush


1915 Jan 16. Enlists in RFC. He takes a couple of years off his life to do so. He had been a Motor Fitter in Civilian Life

1915 Nov 7 Lands in Egypt

1918 May . Dangerously ill with pneumonia in Egypt, which would have been Spanish flu

1919 Aug 1. Demobbed

1920 Electoral Register at 13 Caxton Rd as Charles Henry Madle, with David & Elizabeth Madle

1921 Jan 3. Married Doris H Mc Neil in London as Charles H Cornes. His wife died in 1969

1921 Jan 7. Joined RIC as Madle and changed to Cornes a short while later

1921 Feb 24 Changed name to Cornes

1921 May 15 His father in law, Horace Mc Neil ,was murdered in London by an IRA hit squad who were looking for Charles Henry Cornes. I have been unable to find out why the IRA were after him. He must have done something really bad for them to go to the trouble of tracking him down in London. At that point Charles Cornes had only been in RIC for four months, apparent in Motor Transport section.

1921 Jun 10 Resigned from RIC

1922 Mar 21. Daughter Vera born Kensington London

1934 May 15. Leaves UK for Persia intending to live there. No wife with him. Travels as Charles H Madle of 122 Vicarage Farm Rd, Heston, Middlesex

1938 Nov 30. His wife and child went from UK to Persia. Travelled as Madle

1976 Sep 1. Died


Lancelot Ashby