Macroom Town Hall - 13 Feb 1921

1921 Feb 13. The local IRA mounted an attack on the auxiliaries using the Billiard Room on the ground floor of the Macroom Town Hall (note another report refers to the venue as being Macroom YMCA) . IRA men John Crowley, Jimmy Murphy, Dennis Kelleher were the men attacking. They threw 2 bombs through the window and opened fire.

They wounded 3 Auxiliaries. From the compensation claims the wounded were T/C H Kemp £600, T/C Jennings £200, T/C Matson £150

An IRA account is given by Charlie Browne in Story of the 7th. An attack was mounted on a party of Auxiliaries at the Town Hall in Macroom, which is directly opposite the Castle Gate . The force had taken over the billiard room on the ground floor of the Town Hall for recreational purposes, and it was decided to bomb them out. John Crowley, O/C A Coy IRA was in charge of the operation, assisted by Jimmy Murphy of A Coy and Denis Kelleher of B Coy. Two bombs were hurled through the window and fire opened. Two of the enemy were wounded.