Mannox , West and Burke Court Martial - Theft and attempted murder at Galway on 10 Oct 1920

1920 Oct 10. Prosecution of Thomas Francis Burke, Wallace West and John Mannox, Temporary Cadets, RIC Auxiliary Division; Larceny and attempted murder by Mannox, by shooting, of a sentry C Baldwin); Salthill, County Galway; found not guilty and released. TNA File . The entry in Galway Prison book shows him as being there on remand awaiting trial in Oct 1920 for burglary of a Galway Shop - Nolans on 10 Sep. And for later thefts.

D Coy was at Galway at this date

Mentioned are T/C TA Jones, DI LB Bumstead, DI1 AP Nicol, T/C D Murray Smith , T/C C Baldwin , T/C Norton

The actual evidence of the 3 accused and the deliberations of the Court are not on file. So one has no idea why they were judged not guilty. However much of the background facts are documented, including the heist at the Jewlers, when a mind bending haul was removed.The Crown did say they found it difficult to make the case , because of the lack of witnesses . The Nolan whose name was on many of the clothes found in the men's room was by then "on the run" and could or would not give evidence. As far as I can see none of the items taken from the jewelers was recovered, hence do not link to the men in court

Mannox had a separate charge of shooting a rifle at the sentry . This too elicidated a no guilty verdict

They appear to have been lucky to get off the charges. They were released and continued to serve in ADRIC. Burke became a Platoon Commander and later 2nd in Command West deserted in July 1921, but the other two continued until disbandment of ADRIC in Jan 1922


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