Michael Moran, shot on 24 Nov 1920

Michael Moran was being taken under the escort of FHW Guard, T Simmonds and J Lowe. The verdict was that he was shot while trying to escape at Earl's Island. I am not clear whether Sgt CJ Keeney of RIC was present or not

Michael Moran was the Commander of the Tuam County Galway Battalion of the IRA

There was a large detachment of the e 17th Lancers garrisoned in Earl’s Island. They were a cavalry regiment who would regularly, at low tide, drill their horses on the beach at Grattan Road. They occasionally came under attack and had pieces of military equipment, barbed wire, and feed for their horses destroyed. IRA prisoners were often taken to the Lancers Barracks by the Auxiliaries for interrogation. They were kept in semicircular huts in the camp.