Michael Mullooly - shot 24 Mar 1921 at his farm near Strokestown

1921 Mar 24. Auxiliaries ( from E Coy) raided Mullooly's farmhouse near Strokestown, Roscommon, the day after the Scramogue Ambush. He was suspected of having taken part in the ambush. Major General Jeudwine was not satisfied with the original inquiry deeming it "farcical and useless". A second inquiry on 4 Apr heard an un-named Auxiliary testify that as they were leaving the farm, he discovered that he had lost a glove, so he jumped out of the Crossley, and returned alone to the farmyard. Here he saw Mulloolly, ordered him to put his hands up, and the Auxiliary claimed, that instead of putting his hands up Mullooly made a quick movement to his pocket. The Auxiliary then shot Mulloolly in the neck and departed leaving the body where it lay.

A note was sent to Jeudwine that said "Not a very convincing story... the whole thing looks very bad viewed in cold blood from an office chair"

Collins papers point the finger at T/Cadet Basil Peers as the man that pulled the trigger


The conclusion of the 2nd Court of Inquiry was not challenged further "Michael Mulloolly 25 male, was shot by a member of the Auxiliary Division in the execution of his duty on 24 March 1921 at Kiltrustan"

WO 35/155A/66 Death of Michael Mullooly; 24th March, 1921; Kilrustan, County Roscommon.

1921 Jun 23 Question in Hansard.

Mr. C. WHITE asked the Chief Secretary whether an inquiry has been held into the death of Michael Mullooly, said to have been shot by members of the Crown forces on 24th March at Kiltrustan, County Roscommon; and with what result?

Mr. HENRY The Court of Inquiry in this ease found that deceased was shot by a member of the Crown forces in the execution of his duty.