1921 Feb 20. Grenade attack at St Peters Church, Phibsboro', Dublin

One of our men residing in the vicinity of Phibsboro' observed that it was usual for four Auxiliary officers to pull up in a car outside St. Peter's Church on Sunday mornings and subject members of the congregation coming from Mass to a search. This information was given to the O/C of the Sections, Tom Flood, who succeeded his brother, Frank, later executed. A decision was taken that these four men would be attacked.

On the 2nd April, 1921, [the correct date from the newspapers is 20 Feb] this eight of us were detailed for this job. We took up positions at the entrance to Dalymount football grounds and at the apex of St. Peter's Church. As the people were coming from eleven o'clock Mass, the car containing four Auxiliary officers pulled up a little south of the Church on the North Circular Road side. As the Auxiliaries were about to alight from the car, I threw a grenade at them. This was followed by another grenade from Volunteer Carrigan. Almost simultaneously and fire was opened on the car from our men at Dalymount.The streets were fairly well packed with people at the time and I cannot say what was the result of our attack but I believe that some of the Auxiliaries were wounded. The attack had the desired effect. As far as I can recollect, people coming from Mass in Phibsboro' were not subjected to any further searching by the Auxiliaries.

The patrol was from I Coyand there were 4 in the car

This from the arrest of the suspect