Margaret Ryan, shot 21 Dec 1920


1884 Born


1911 Married Her maiden name was Ryan as well


1920 Dec 20 RIC Constable Thomas Walsh was killed in an IRA ambush. His body was held in Callan Barracks

1920 Dec 21. The ADRIC gave instructions for all businesses in Callan to close while Constable Walsh's body was conveyed to his home village of Ballyragget for burial

1920 Dec 21. Shot by a stray ADRIC bullet in Callan. A single bullet in the abdomen. There were 3 British inquiries but all were badly conducted and never even tried to get at who fired the shot. However the shot appears to have been randon. It is unlikely that it was fored specifically at Margaret Ryan

1920 Dec 23. She died in Callan Workhouse Hospital

1920 Dec 24.. First British Inquiry. The deposition from A Coy is signed by AM Gordon


1921 Jan Second British Inquiry




1921 May 4 A third British Inquiry. Evidence from CHS Ball of J Coy, who were based in Thomastown Workhouse on the day of Margaret Ryan's death And evidence from WS Adams of J Coy


Incidents involving the ADRIC